September 25, 2021


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Amir Awal will announce his resignation from custody

Amir Abdul Awal, the central naib of the organization, has announced his resignation from Hefazat-e-Islam out of anger over the violence during the strike.

Addressing the worshipers present at the Railway Jame Mosque’s Shabe Barat statement in the DIT commercial area of ​​Narayanganj city on Monday night, he said he would no longer be with Hifazat.

Khatib of Amir Abdul Awal Railway Jame Mosque of Narayanganj District Committee of Hefazat. A video of his statement has spread on social media and there is a heated discussion about it.
Abdul Awal was contacted twice on Tuesday on his mobile phone to confirm the matter, but his servant Mahadi Hasan caught him. He said in the first light, ‘He (Abdul Awal) is busy, can’t talk now.’ Asked about the announcement of his resignation, he said, ‘There is no pressure. He has announced his resignation.

Abdul Awal
Abdul Awal Chhabi: Collected
Hefazat-e-Islam called a strike on March 26 in protest of a police raid on a protest rally during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh. During the program, there was a lot of violence on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway in Narayanganj. The strikers set fire to several vehicles, and many were injured in clashes with police.
“I was detained inside the mosque on the morning of the strike,” said Naib Amir, one of the group’s spokesmen. They (RAB-police) have made it clear to me that there is an order to go into action directly from above. We do not have weapons, can we with them? Later I heard in the news that 16 vehicles were burnt in Shimrail. The video footage shows who burned, some terrorists burned, but none of our students. Now they (the police) are saying, if you had not listened to us, all these cases would have been in your name. ‘

Abdul Awal said, ‘They (police) do not understand us, our (Hefazat) very enthusiastic people do not want to understand us. They are saying, sir, why didn’t you break their command? I will no longer be in your custody, I will be in the mosque. You who are very enthusiastic, you do. I will not be with you. Now in my old age, sick people can’t stand, can’t walk. So I will not lead Hefazat anymore, I will not go to any movement.

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3 km highway is unusable all day
3 km highway is unusable all day
‘I will not be the Amir of Hifazat, I will be a Muslim as a general worker. I relinquished my responsibility. I will no longer be under the leadership of Hefazat-e-Islam. I will not lead any movement. No further announcement will come from me. I released him. ‘

No immediate response was received from any central leader of Hifazat regarding his decision.