September 23, 2021


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Samia Rahman filed a case under the Digital Security Act

Samia Rahman, a teacher in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at Dhaka University, has filed a case under the Digital Security Act against an unidentified person, including a foreign ‘fake’ person, for giving false and defamatory information in a fake e-mail.

He appeared before the Bangladesh Cyber ​​Tribunal in Dhaka on Wednesday and filed the case. Cyber ​​tribunal judge Mohammad Assam Jaglul Hossain recorded the statement of plaintiff Samia Rahman. However, Shamim Al Mamun, a bench assistant of the tribunal, told Prothom Alo that he did not give any immediate order regarding the case.

The Dhaka University Syndicate recently punished Samia Rahman for finding evidence of theft in the investigation. He was demoted from Associate Professor to Assistant Professor. However, Samia has been denying the allegation of theft.

Samia Rahman alleged in court that the e-mail from the Chicago Journal on the basis of which she was accused of theft was “false, fabricated and defamatory”. In fact, no official e-mail was sent from the Chicago Journal to the Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University against him. No one by the name of Alex Martin works for the Chicago Journal.

Samia said she contacted Craig Walker, editor of the Chicago Journal. “No one has ever been in the Chicago Journal like Alex Martin,” he said. Didn’t work either. Alex Martin is a fake name. ‘

Samia Rahman claimed that an unidentified person had created a fake e-mail ID and conspired against her with false and defamatory information. The Dhaka University authorities did not send him any soft copy of the e-mail on the basis of which he was accused of theft.

In 2016, Samia Rahman and Syed Mahfuzul Haque Marjan, a lecturer in the Department of Criminology, jointly published an eight-page article titled ‘A New Dimension of Colonialism and Pop Culture: A Case Study of the Cultural Imperialism’ in Dhaka University’s own journal Social Science. It was then alleged that they had copied exactly five pages from the French philosopher Michel Foucault’s 1982 article, The Subject and Power.

In September 2016, the University of Chicago Press, the publishing house of the book, informed the Dhaka University authorities in writing. In addition to Foucault, the article is alleged to have been copied page after page of Edward Sayed’s book, Culture and Imperialism, a Palestinian-American thinker.

In September 2016, a committee headed by the then Vice-Chancellor (Education) of Dhaka University, Professor Nasreen Ahmad, formed a committee to investigate the allegation. After a long investigation, the investigation committee submitted their report in 2019. According to the report, the allegation of theft of Samia-Marjan has been confirmed. Then on January 26, the university syndicate demoted Samia Rahman and Mahfuzul Haque Marjan on charges of plagiarism in academic research.

Later, Samia Rahman told a press conference that she had been unjustly framed for conspiracy. He has been made a scapegoat. He did not receive justice from the current authorities of the university. At the press conference, Samia also claimed that the letter (e-mail) of a person named Alex Martin from the Chicago Journal, who was investigated and demoted, was fake.