July 25, 2021


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All BNP programs have been suspended

The BNP has suspended all programs calling for the death of a few people in police firing on the great Independence Day and allegations of terrorism and anarchy against the Juba League and Chhatra League. The party said in a statement on Wednesday (March 30th) night that it had suspended its program, including protests by three BNP organizations on Thursday (April 1st).

On Thursday, there were joint demonstrations in all districts and metropolises of the country on the initiative of nationalist volunteer groups, youth parties and student groups.

The statement said that a joint protest program of the Nationalist Volunteer Party, Juba Dal and Chhatra Dal in districts and metropolises across the country has been postponed on April 1 in protest of the killing of people on the great Independence Day and the ongoing terrorism and anarchy of Juba League and Chhatra League.

Juba Dal central committee president Saiful Alam Nirab and general secretary Sultan Salahuddin Tuk, Swachchasebak Dal acting president Mostafizur Rahman and general secretary Abdul Qadir Bhuiyan Jewel, Chhatra Dal president Fazlur Rahman Khokon and general secretary Iqbal Hossain Shyamal have suspended the program on behalf of their respective organizations.