July 25, 2021


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As soon as the lime fell from the drink, 200 people were tortured in his hands

One false case after another to defeat the opponent. His main job is to sue for money. He is also good at suing others for money. The name of this fancy cheater is Azizul Haque Patwari. He has filed more than a hundred false cases in different courts and police stations of the country. After his arrest, police say he has a lawsuit syndicate across the country.

In the life of Monir Hossain, Iman Hossain and Monowara Begum, police, police and court are one and the same. There are five cases against some of them, eight against some and 12 against others. Not getting bail in one case is the sword of another case. Their lives have been stuck in the CMM or Sessions Judge’s Court of Dhaka from Shahrashti Police Station in Chandpur for several years. Their allegation is that they are the victims of a false case. The plaintiff in these cases is a person named Azizul Haque Patwari.

The victim, Monowara Begum, said 200 people had been tortured at her hands. In his village, four people survived the lawsuit.

Who is this Azizul Haque Patwari? Police say Azizul of Chandpur is a plaintiff. He was recently arrested in a case filed by a victimized woman.

He has formed a nationwide litigation syndicate to punish his own or other opponents. In his case filed in different districts of the country including Chandpur, innumerable innocent people have been harassed as well as jailed.

The victim Monir Hossain said, he has filed 25 cases in my name and anonymously. Of these, Dhaka CMM has done four in the court.

According to the police, an official of the Prime Minister’s Office, the MP-minister’s personal identity, harassed the people of the area and filed a case against him. Information on hundreds of cases has been received so far.

Mahbub Alam, joint commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police, said the cases were filed to harass people. Again in many cases worked as a tenant. So far he has been the plaintiff in 100 cases.

Azizul is also perfect in renting, that is, on behalf of others. The witness in each case is sometimes himself, sometimes his son, nephew or younger brother.