September 23, 2021


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The Awami League must unite and respond to all conspiracies: Deputy Minister of Water Resources

AKM Enamul Haque Shamim, Deputy Minister for Water Resources and former organizing secretary of the Awami League, has said that Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina will unite the Awami League and go ahead with all conspiracies. The people of this country are united only under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. No matter how much the conspirators conspire, there will be no benefit in fear of movement. Today’s Awami League after years of struggle. Therefore, the Awami League must unite and respond to all conspiracies. The Awami League led the country to independence. And the country is moving forward under the leadership of People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina by breaking the net of all conspiracies.

Deputy Minister Enamul Haque Shamim made the remarks at a video conference at the Awami League’s tri-annual conference in wards 7, 8 and 9 of Bhumkhara union in Naria upazila of Shariatpur on Wednesday (March 31) afternoon.
He added that Islam is a religion of peace. A section of the defeated power of ’71 has recently taken to the field to confuse the ordinary devout Muslims by using the soft-spoken students of the madrasa with false, fabricated, fabricated statements. The Father of the Nation said in 1972 not to use religion as a tool of politics. But the allies of the defeated power are dreaming of taking the country back to the state it was 50 years ago. Those who want to destabilize the country by using the holy religion Islam as a tool are the enemies of Islam. We have to stand up against them. Because Islam is not a tool to change one’s political power.

The 9th ward of the union is chaired by Awami League president Master Alamgir Hossain and the 7th ward general secretary Md. Rumman Bepari was the inaugural speaker of the conference, Bhumkhara Union Awami League President and Upazila Treasurer. Alamgir Hossain. The chief guest was District Awami League Vice President Wahab Bepari. Special guests were Hasanuzzaman Khokon, General Secretary of Naria Upazila Awami League, Master Abdur Rahman, Advisor Master, Mihir Chakraborty, Organizing Secretary, Mahbub Hossain Selim, Labor and Manpower Secretary, Mollah Selim, Executive Member, Ayub Ali Mridha, General Secretary of Union Awami League.
Enamul Haque Shamim further said that just as Bangladesh would not have been independent without the birth of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, no one could have been found to take Bangladesh forward without Bangabandhu without the birth of People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina. Bangladesh today is a role model of the world under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Deputy Minister Enamul Haque Shamim also addressed the tri-annual conference of Awami League in wards 4, 5 and 6 of Fatehjangpur Union.