July 25, 2021


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Arrest warrants against four including BNP’s Minu-Dulu in sedition case

The court has issued arrest warrants against four leaders of the party, including BNP chairperson’s adviser and former Rajshahi city mayor Mizanur Rahman Minu and organizing secretary Ruhul Quddus Talukder Dulu, in a sedition case.

Judge Saiful Islam of the Rajshahi Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court issued an arrest warrant against them on Wednesday (March 31st) at noon. The other two accused in the case are Rajshahi Mahanagar BNP president and former city mayor Mosaddek Hossain Bulbul and Mahanagar BNP general secretary Shafiqul Haque Milon. After hearing the court report, the accused issued arrest warrants against four BNP leaders. At the same time, the next day of the case was fixed on April 28.

AHM Khairuzzaman Liton, President of Rajshahi Metropolitan Awami League and current Mayor of City Corporation, Advocate Musabbirul Islam, Legal Secretary of the Metropolitan Awami League and the lawyers of the state were present in the court at the time.

Earlier, at a BNP divisional rally in Rajshahi on March 2, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was reminded of the death threat on August 15 and made anti-state statements to overthrow the present government. Advocate Musabbirul Islam, legal secretary of the metropolitan Awami League, applied to the home ministry through the Rajshahi deputy commissioner on March 9 seeking permission for a sedition case. A sedition case was filed in the Rajshahi Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on March 16 after receiving approval from the Home Ministry. The court took cognizance of the case and directed the OC of Rajpara Police Station to investigate and submit a report.

According to the election procedure, the candidate has to give a proclamation during the campaign. Through this, the nominated candidate made various promises to the voters as to what they would do if they came to power. In this case, most of the candidates make some promises which they never fulfill. Of course, for various reasons, it is often not possible to meet them. They say this mainly to attract voters.

This time, a candidate from Madurai-South Center has made some promises in the upcoming Assembly elections in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which will surprise you. Thomas Sarbanan has promised voters in his constituency that if he wins the election, he will deliver robots as housewives to housewives if he wins the election. Voters will be taken to the moon for free. Everyone will be given Rs 1 crore, if someone’s daughter gets married, all the gold and jewelery will be bought there, a ‘mini helicopter’ gift will be given to each family and the list also includes a three-storey house with boat, car, iPhone, swimming pool.

He also promised to build an ice-covered artificial hill for the people of his center. He will also set up a space research center and a rocket launch center.

You might think that Thulam Sarbanan is a rich man. If you think so then your idea is wrong. Because, this guy is a small businessman. There are still unmarried and elderly parents at home. He even bought nomination papers by borrowing Rs 20,000.
He told the media that the reason for making such a sky-high promise was not to fulfill the promise, but to increase public awareness.

Thulam Sarbanan said that for the last 50 years, the candidates have made many incredible promises during the elections. But in reality they do not meet most of them. That is why such a manifesto is meant to make people understand.