August 4, 2021


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BNP did not oppose Modi’s visit: Harun in Parliament

Why is BNP being involved with Hefazat-e-Islam movement? Asking such a question, BNP MP Harunur Rashid said, BNP has not opposed the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh.

Harun made the remarks in response to a statement by ruling party MP Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim during an unscheduled discussion in Parliament on Saturday.
Earlier, Sheikh Selim criticized the Hefazat-e-Islam movement over Narendra Modi’s visit. He alleged that BNP, Jamaat and Hefazat-e-Islam were involved in conspiracies. He also termed BNP as anti-independence.

In reply, BNP’s Harun said, “I would like to know in the context of the issue that has been raised in this Parliament, what will be our freedom of expression? Fifty years is our golden jubilee. On this golden jubilee we gave the body as a gift. Have we been able to celebrate the Golden Jubilee peacefully anywhere in Bangladesh? ‘

At that time, the MPs of the ruling party protested loudly.
In response to Sheikh Selim’s statement, Harunur Rashid said, “No anti-Modi slogan or Modi will come from BNP, no such statement has been made.” There was no talk. As it has been requested to close all programs in Dhaka from 18 to 26 March. Corona infections are on the rise, so the BNP has paid limited homage to the National Memorial and the grave of Ziaur Rahman.


Addressing the government, the BNP MP said, “I could have discussed with those who protested.” When there was a conflict in the country over sculptures, the government had discussed with Hefazat. The government has discussed with Hefazat before. Discussed that foreign guests are coming, you stop the protests. Why is the BNP being involved in that case? ‘

Aaron said that if freedom of expression is stopped, terrorism and extremism will be created. In the true sense, democratic practices need to be liberated. Opinions are closed today. Those rights must be ensured. Today’s crisis is the crisis of democracy. The nation has fallen into this situation today because of this crisis.