April 14, 2021


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The central president of the student union was beaten by the CPB leaders

This time the leaders of the Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) beat the central president of the student union Fayez Ullah and the office secretary of Kabi Nazrul Government College Jobay Sajal at the Mukti Bhaban of the party’s central platoon.

The student union has strongly condemned the terrorist attack on CPB central secretariat member Jolly Talukder and Shantinagar branch secretary Manjur Moin and demanded justice. The organization says the lack of consensus among the leaders of organized organizations such as the Communist Party is the catalyst for such incidents.

In a joint statement sent to the media, the president of the central parliament of the student union said. Fayez Ullah and General Secretary Deepak Shil. In a statement sent by Mahir Shahriar Reza, office secretary of the organization, the student union said that the office secretary of Nazrul Government College, Jobayer Sajal, came to join the human chain announced by the student union in Purana Paltan to ensure the cooperation of the working people.
Manjur Moin, the leader of the Shantinagar branch of the CPB, dragged her out of the CPB central office and beat her. Deepak Shil, general secretary of the student union, came forward to protest, but was also physically harassed by Jolly Talukder, a member of the Communist Party’s editorial board, and Jawaharlal Nehru.

BD-Daily / Shafiq