April 14, 2021


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Clashes between Quader Mirza-Rahat supporters, 5 injured

At least five people were injured in a clash between supporters of Basurhat Municipality Mayor Abdul Quader Mirza and his nephew Fakhrul Islam Rahat in Noakhali’s Companyganj upazila. The incident took place in Karalia area of ​​Ward 3 of the municipality around 6:30 pm on Monday.

According to eyewitnesses, Karim Uddin Shakil, a follower of Fakhrul Islam Rahat, nephew of Basurhat Municipality Mayor Abdul Quader Mirza, was attacked in Karalia area of ​​Basurhat Municipality by Shahid Ullah Russell, a follower of Quader Mirza. When people came from Shakil’s house after receiving the news, the two groups clashed.

The injured are- Relief followers of the 9th ward of the municipality. Selim’s son Karim Uddin Shakil (24), his younger brother Korban Ali Rakib (20) and Nur Mohammad Rahim (26), son of Golam Charwar of Ward 3 and Md. Yusuf (30) and Shahid Ullah Russell (32), son of Safi Ullah of Ward No. 3.

Among the injured. Yusuf has been shifted from Companiganj Health Complex to Noakhali General Hospital for advanced treatment. The rest are being treated locally.

Companiganj Police Station OC Mir Jahedul Haque Rony admitted the incident and said additional police had been deployed in Basurhat.

Meanwhile, tensions are running high between the two groups after the incident. Quader Mirza’s men were at the Basurhat municipality office and Quader Mirza’s nephew Fakhrul Islam Rahat’s men were reported to be in the Kejiskul area. Police said they were working to disperse them in both places.

Incidentally, the nephews of the Upazila Awami League and the Bridge Minister are leading the party activities together under the leadership of Mizanur Rahman Badal, the former chairman of the Upazila Parishad, as opposed to Basurhat Mayor Quader Mirza.

Two people, including a journalist, have already been killed in clashes between the two groups. Hundreds more were shot and injured. Recently, Quader Mirza resigned from the post of Upazila Awami League member.

Tulkalam incident has taken place in Faridpur’s Saltha Upazila after a man was seriously injured in a beating by a government employee who was with the Assistant Commissioner (Land).

At 11 pm on Monday, the agitated crowd surrounded the Upazila Parishad and the police station demanding punishment for those responsible for the incident. Besides, the office of the Assistant Commissioner (Land) was set on fire.

It is learned that the son of late Moslem Mollah of Natakhola village of Sonapur union of Saltha upazila had tea at 7:30 pm on Monday. Zakir Hossain Mollah was returning home. Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Marufa Sultana Khan Hiramani was present there to inspect the effectiveness of the lockdown.

Zakir Hossain complained that before he understood anything, a man got out of his car in Aceland and hit him on the waist with a stick. It broke his waist. Injured Zakir Hossain has been admitted to the Upazila Health Complex.

Meanwhile, the crowd was agitated by the news of Zakir Hossain being injured. After a while more villagers gathered there. When a group of police led by SI Mizanur Rahman of Saltha police station reached there, the agitated crowd attacked the police. SI Mizanur Rahman’s head was blown off. The agitated mob then marched towards Saltha police station and surrounded it.

Saltha Police Station OC Ashiquzzaman said police were attacked when they reached Fukra Bazaar after receiving information from Aceland Marufa Sultana Hiramani. SI Mizanur Rahman’s head was blown off in the attack. He said the police were urging the agitated crowd to calm down.

Assistant Commissioner (Land) Marufa Sultana Khan called Hiramani on her mobile phone but could not find her.