April 14, 2021


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The Awami League has taken to the field to stand by the people. Service to humanity

Special Representative The ruling party Awami League has taken to the field to stand by the helpless people with the slogan ‘Service to Humanity’ in the face of the second wave of Corona under the direction of the Prime Minister and party president Sheikh Hasina. The Awami League and all its affiliates have started humanitarian politics across the country, including in Dhaka, with detailed programs to distribute free corona prevention materials, ambulance services for corona patients and corpses, stand by helpless people, deliver food items and free telemedicine services and oxygen to specialist doctors at home. .During the inauguration of these programs, the central leaders of Awami League called upon the government as well as the rich people of the country to come forward to face the second wave of Corona. Disgusting. The people of the country must always deal with them with caution and unity. Free ambulance service of Swechchhasebak League. On Tuesday, Corona launched a free ambulance service to carry dying patients and corpses at Kalabagan ground in the capital to cope with the second wave. At the initiative of the organization, ten ambulances will bring the dying patients free of cost and two ambulances will carry the bodies of the deceased.

Inaugurating the program, Awami League joint general secretary and founding president of the organization, agriculturist Afam Bahauddin Nasim said, “Those who disrupt the golden jubilee of independence, the birth centenary of the father of the nation, burn and set fire to people’s houses are more disgusting than the invading forces.” We must be vigilant and united against this evil force.Calling on the leaders and workers to remain vigilant and united, he said, “Everyone must work in unity so that no evil force can rise in our beloved motherland Bangladesh.” We will not give up any evil power. He called upon all progressive forces, pro-liberation forces under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina to work unitedly against the evil forces. Swachchasebak League President Nirmal Ranjan Guha, General Secretary Afzalur Rahman Babu, Vice-Presidents Mejbaul Hossain Sachchu, Abdur Razzak, Joint General Secretary Khairul Hasan Jewel, Organizing Secretary Nafiul Karim Nafa, Afam Mahbubul Hasan, Office Secretary Abdul Azim and other central and Dhaka metropolitan leaders. Was present at the ceremony.

Form a team of specialist doctors from the A-League. The government has issued various directives restricting public gatherings and movement to curb the rise in coronavirus (Covid-19) infection. Everyone has been told to stay home as much as possible. In this situation, the Central Sub-Committee on Health and Population Affairs of the Bangladesh Awami League has launched telemedicine services so that people can get health advice at home.

A press release signed by Dr Rokeya Sultana, member secretary of the sub-committee and secretary for health and population affairs of the Awami League, on Tuesday provided a list of specialist doctors with their names and telephone numbers. He called on the doctors listed on the mobile number to seek health advice at this juncture of the coronavirus infection situation.

According to the press release, if for any reason none of the concerned doctors receive a phone call, they have to send an SMS to the doctor with their identity. Leaders of the sub-committee on health and population have also been requested to contact on their mobile phones if they fail to contact the listed doctors for any reason.

Notable among the listed physicians are- Department of Medicine- Dr. Mostafa Kamal Rauf (01716-4275), Dr. Amjad Hossain (01796-575), Abdur Rahman Sayem (01711-35738), Dr. Nazmul Hasan (01712-58) 01711-334903), Dr. Rafiqul Islam (01712-65484), Dr. Zakir Hossain (01711-65484), Dr. Samsul Arefin Jewel (01711119741) and 25 doctors.

Among the surgeons are Dr. Arun (01710-962582). Dr. Ishtiaq (01711-183240), Dr. Sajid (01716-517473), Dr. Harun (01718-427063), Dr. Shyamal (0174-00000000), Dr. Hira (01712-343111) and 14 others Ara Begum (01711-521724), Prof. Dr. Samina Chowdhury (01715-055175), Prof. Dr. Saleha Begum Chowdhury (01719-220370), Prof. Dr. Ifat Ara (01711-750250), Prof. Dr. ), Prof. Dr. Anisa Begum (01717-314503) and 22 others, the doctors of the Department of Nose, Ear and Throat are – Prof. Dr. Yusuf Fakir (01711-542955), Dr. Sahriar Arafat (01731-252040), Dr. ), Dr. Abdul Quddus Sohag (01711-312171), Dr. Mostafa Kamal Arefin (0171-648) and 19 others.

Among the cardiologists are Prof. Dr. Harisul Haque (01719-237), Prof. Dr. Mostafa Zaman (01718-3004444), Dr. Rasul Amin (01752-56414), Dr. Ariful Islam Joardar (01713-01581) 01732-18996) including 10 people, including eye doctors – Dr. Kaushik Chowdhury (01959-65296). Dr. Monir Hossain (01711-320574), Dr. Enamul Haque Samu (01737-825160), Prof. Dr. Saifullah (01711-691959), Prof. Dr. Deepak Kumar Nag (01711-332231) are among the 26 children. (01711-12337), Dr. Russell (01711-184497), Dr. Nishat (01711-96095), Dr. Abdul Jabbar (01720-3475) including 30 people, Dr.

Among the psychiatrists are Dr. Ashish Kumar Banik (01731-38527), Dr. Samsuddoha Majumder Nizam (01911-36175), Dr. Mohidul Islam (01745-620007). There are 21 burn and plastic surgery specialists including Dr. Sanjay Saha (0171-942271) – Dr. Samant Lal Sen (01711-540931), Dr. Hossain Imam (01713-045919). Dr. Hedayet Ali Khan (01711-960698), Dr. Mohammad Mamun Khan (01716-107372), Dr. Perth Shankar Pal (01912-010848) and 11 others are on the list of orthopedics doctors. Dr. Monaim Hossain (01711-132026). Dr. Wahidur Rahman (01712-089854), Prof. Dr. Jahangir Alam (01711-602369), Prof. Dr. AKM Zahir Uddin (01552-305262) ​​and 16 doctors will provide telemedicine services.

Juba League’s telemedicine service Awami Juba League will provide 24-hour telemedicine service to helpless people to cope with the second wave of coronavirus. The organization will also provide oxygen services to the needy people if needed. At the request of the chairman of the organization Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash and general secretary Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil, more than a hundred doctors will be engaged in emergency health care by telephone.

Presidium member of the organization Dr. Khaled Shawkat Ali has been appointed as the chief coordinator of the 24-hour emergency telemedicine service. Organizing Secretary Dr. Helal Uddin, Health Secretary Dr. Farid Raihan, Deputy Health Secretary Dr. Mahfuzar Rahman Ujjal and others will be the coordinators.

Regarding such humanitarian initiatives, Juba League Chairman Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash said, “Politics is for the people.” The main goal of Juba League politics is to serve the people. Just as the Juba League took to the streets for the people, the Juba League will always stand by the people in the face of human calamities. Such initiatives will continue under the direction of state leader Sheikh Hasina. In any crisis, struggle, humanity, Juba League will be by the side of the people.

Besides, free masks were distributed among the people, awareness leaflets were distributed among the people, food items and corona prevention materials were distributed among the common people who were helpless in the lockdown through various ward councils.