April 12, 2021


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Publishers are counting the losses in the empty book fair

There is no special public transport on the road in lockdowns across the country. The previous two days there was no bus. Although one or two buses were running on Wednesday, the crowd could not be seen on the way to the capital. The situation at the book fair was similar. Although the door of the fair was opened at noon on the sunny day of Chaitra, neither the reader nor the buyer was seen.

The fair is opening at 12 noon keeping the rules. Then the sellers have no choice but to sit in the stalls. When the heat of the sun subsided, one or two people started coming to the fair ground after three o’clock. The fair closes at five o’clock. In the last hour, some youngsters were seen at the fair ground. Not even 10 percent of them buy books. Come to visit. The condition of small publishers is very bad. Zero sales, having to open stalls because the fair is open, costing at least 800 to 1000 rupees per day. Anwar Faridi, the publisher of Magnum Opus, said in the first light at the fair ground today, the situation is absolutely unbearable. Books worth Rs 1,000 have not been sold in his stall in the last three days. Two employees. They have to pay 600 rupees every day. On top of this, the cost of breakfast and his own travel expenses are more than a thousand rupees per day. If there is a loss, then why are you opening the stall? Answering such a question, he said, ‘Fear. If the stalls are closed, the allotment of stalls may not be available next year. This fear is working in everyone’s mind. That is why everyone is keeping the stall open despite the loss. ‘

Panjeri Publications Pavilion Manager. With Nuruzzaman. He said a big buyer of the book fair came from outside Dhaka. There are many bookstores in Dhaka, from where readers can buy creative books throughout the year. But there are no creative bookstores in the mooseball cities outside Dhaka. The bookshops sell textbooks and note-guides. In some shops, novels, poems and religious books by popular authors are available. As a result, readers from different parts of the country come to Dhaka with book lists during the book fair to buy their favorite books. A large part of the total sales of the fair depends on them. This time these buyers did not come to the fair. Again, due to Corona, the buyers of Dhaka were not interested in coming to the fair. All in all, there is no rationale for matching in this situation. The cost of running the pavilions every day is not rising. The first book
Badrul Alam Khan’s new book ‘Why Soviet Russia broke up’ came to the first stall. It includes the history-shaking Russian Revolution, the dream of building a new society, the horrific Second World War, the Cold Dark 50 years of the Cold War. A thorough analysis of the last history of tsarism, its art, literature, painting, movies, music and philosophy in search of the Russian soul.

The other book is Abir Shawkat Hayat’s ‘Career Management’. Life and career is an uncertain journey like a flowing river, which has to be glorified. The book will guide you through the challenges and risks of your career.

Another book
Today, 79 new books came to the fair on Wednesday. Among the notable books of this year’s fair is Bengal Publications’ ‘Late Educationist Anisuzzaman Smaran’. The book is edited by Abul Hasnat, it is his last edited book. Vidyaprakash has brought Mohit Kamal’s novel ‘Atmar Bilap’. Rezanur Rahman’s teenage novel ‘Bangabandhu’s house’ has been published, Kazi Alim-uz-Zaman’s’ Dhaka’s public library: a world full of light ‘has been published by Shravan and is available at readers’ stalls. Jannat-e-Ferdousi’s research book ‘Bangabandhu and the heroine of the liberation war’ is coming soon.

Dr. brought the investigation. Ahmed Sumon’s ‘Public Relations: Theory and Communication’, Renaissance brings Pratya Jasim’s ‘History Famous Revolution’. The entire publication is edited by Mahfuzar Rahman’s ‘Nobel Laureate Muslim Personality’.