May 19, 2021


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Khaleda Zia was sampled by Corona

Samples of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia have been taken to test the corona. He gave the sample at his residence Firoza in the capital’s Gulshan on Saturday afternoon.It is learned that samples of Khaleda Zia’s corona were taken on the advice of private doctors. Labaid technologist said at 3 in the afternoon. Green enters his home. After a while, Khaleda Zia’s nephew said. Mamun also went home. At this time samples were collected for corona and diabetes tests.

It may be mentioned that after being in jail for more than two years, BNP leader Khaleda Zia was released on a six-month bail by the executive order of the government on March 25 last year at the beginning of the Corona epidemic. The release period was later extended in three phases. He is currently undergoing treatment at his residence Firoza in Gulshan.

During Ramadan, a person should not eat from dawn till sunset. Depending on the geographical location and season, this period can be from 14 to a maximum of 20-21 hours. Therefore, diabetic patients should be most careful in food management while fasting. For example: eating sahri food shortly before the end of sahri, not eating too much sweet and fatty food during iftar, diabetic patients should eat enough water and nutritious food so that they do not suffer from dehydration. You can also eat a date by eating dates. Fruits, vegetables, pulses and sour yogurt can be listed. You can drink coconut water.

The amount and type of food should be adjusted keeping the calories in the food. You need to eat the right amount at the right time.

Bangladesh Pratidin The amount of calories you used to eat before Ramadan should be changed to the time and type of food keeping the amount of calories in Ramadan. If necessary, you should contact the nutritionist to fix the food list. Care should be taken to ensure that the food is in harmony with the medicine. Avoid overeating during Iftar and eating little on the last night.

The virus is once again wreaking havoc in our indifferent city, in the rural life of extreme neglect. Panic has spread all around. The cries of infected people’s relatives for hospital beds. The wheel of livelihood of the working people is stopping. The everlasting melody of life is stopping. The chirping of that bird has stopped. The murmur of the river has stopped. The moon-star-studded nights have stopped.

The color of nature has changed, the color of life has changed, the color of politics has changed, the color of our behavior has changed. The constant journey of irregularities has not only changed. The crime of breach of discipline has not changed. People are inviting the virus that is the enemy of human beings. But this deadly virus has taken away the lives of many loved ones. How many lights have gone out. How many arranged families have been ruined. How many people in this town today are destitute due to Corona’s injury.

Yet no one means hygiene. Most people do not want to wear a mask. Looseness in lockdown restrictions. No one is paying attention to the terrible corona. But don’t pity anyone. I don’t know how long we will have to pay the ultimate price for our own negligence. Isn’t it time for us to be aware? Doesn’t the repeated warnings of those who stay up all night for the peaceful sleep of the people of the country reach the ears? In the interest of our own protection, we will not obey the ban of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina? If not, there is a thunder signal in front of us.
Author: General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader.

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