June 15, 2021


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The Pakistani government has decided to become a political party called Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) for legally harming public life.

Ziaur Rahman’s BNP wants to deny history today with a monthly salary of Tk 400 under the Mujibnagar government. The BNP is the main patron of anti-independence forces, communal groups who want to turn the country into a communal state. This was stated by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Joint General Secretary of the Awami League, Dr. Hasan Mahmud.

Referring to ‘Today is the golden jubilee of the formation of the first government of Bangladesh’, the Information Minister said, ‘On this day in 1971, the government was formed in Amrakan of Baidyanathtala in Meherpur subdivision with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the great hero of independence, as President, Syed Nazrul Islam as Vice President and Tajuddin Ahmed as Prime Minister. The war of liberation was conducted under that government. Others including the war sector commander conducted the war of liberation under that government. Ziaur Rahman has also served as a sector commander under the government with a salary of Tk 400. Sad but true is that BNP does not celebrate this historic Mujibnagar Day.

Dr. Hasan Mahmud said, ‘BNP does not observe much. They do not celebrate Bangabandhu’s birthday, do not celebrate March 7, do not celebrate Mujibnagar Day. This proves that they want to deny history.

“But the history is that Ziaur Rahman used to work under that government with a salary of Tk 400 and today the BNP is the main patron of anti-independence forces, communal groups who want to turn the country into a communal state,” he said.

Expressing his conviction to take the country forward in a non-communal spirit, Minister Hasan Mahmud said, We will move forward as a state ‘.

Legendary Bengali film actress and former Member of Parliament Sarah Begum Kabari has died after being attacked by Corona. Actress Kabari died at Sheikh Russell Gastroliver Hospital in the capital at 12:20 pm on Friday (April 18). Professor Farooq Ahmed, director of Sheikh Russell Gastroliver Hospital, said that the actress died due to 100% infection in her lungs.

He made the remarks while talking to reporters on Saturday (April 17) morning about the death of actress Kabari.

“After bringing him here, we examine him in the ICU,” said Professor Farooq. He had 100% infection in both his lungs. He died as a result of this infection. He was unable to maintain oxygen while on life support. Her blood pressure and heart rate have been changing since yesterday afternoon. For this we have given him all kinds of specialized treatment. But even then there was no improvement. At one point, he died at 12:20 pm on Friday.

He added that 84 percent of his lungs were infected when he was first admitted to the hospital. We test with portable X-rays after we are admitted here. At that time, his lungs were infected.

Note that the corona of Kabari was identified on April 5. He was admitted to Kurmitola General Hospital that night. Sheikh Russell was later taken to Gastroliver Hospital as the ICU bed was not available there.