May 9, 2021


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This Taskin instead of lifestyle

He doesn’t even claim that he was 100% fit at that time. He also believes that the lifestyle of that time was inappropriate for a fast bowler. There was also a lack of self-care. The sum of everything made an impression on his bowling. In Test cricket, the starting rhythm went into its 20th or 25th over, so it didn’t stay intact. It is out of consideration to leave. Once you have to drop out of the Bangladesh team of all formats. The break is too long before coming back again. Looking back on his last Test before the start of that period of international cricket isolation, Taskin Ahmed, who now only wants to be more ‘perfect’, has discovered so many flaws!

He played his last Test three and a half years ago in Potchefstroom, South Africa. The pacer, who bowled 30 overs in two innings against the Proteas in September 2016 but did not get a wicket, is now just looking ahead. The day after the Bangladesh team left the field in the first Test of the series at Pallekele Stadium with a sigh of relief, Taskin’s voice echoed from Kandy on the telephone the next evening. You have to bowl for a long time. The challenge is to be able to do the first over and the 25th over in the same way. I am working with it. I am trying to increase my fitness and skills. Of course there have been improvements. Hopefully, there will be more in the future. ‘

Speaking of which, this is just the beginning of the rebirth of his Test career. After a break of three and a half years in the middle, he played only the sixth Test of his life in Kandy. Again, in such a lifeless and rough-dry wicket, where the pace bowlers have died. That wicket is also a testament to Taskin’s great bowling. Bowling 30 overs, he explained that at one point, Pathhara was able to put himself behind him. There I bowled with my maximum. I was more focused on the basics. I threw the ball at good length. I also gave bouncers like that, as you have to give. I also tried to swing the new ball. ‘

Pointing out the difference between Potchefstroom and Candy Taskin, he said, “I’ve really changed my lifestyle.” Now I am following a different process. That’s what a true fast bowler does. I don’t know how accurate it is, but I’m doing it. I am still on the path of improvement. If it continues like this, there will be more improvement. ‘Of course, it took a few years for this feeling to come to me after being left out. Specifically, at the beginning of 2020. While the Bangladesh team is in Rawalpindi, Pakistan to play Tests, Taskin is in Holy Mecca to perform Umrah. From there, he called a close coach and said that he wanted to be a real fast bowler. The fight started back in the country. It did not stop during the lockdown. There was a personal trainer, he also took refuge in a mind trainer. He started to fight with himself by chasing away many negative things from his mind. The winner of that battle, Taskin, has also realized his past faults. So no one else in the ongoing battle, let yourself stand as your opponent, ‘My competition is only with my own.’ Just wanting to win that competition, ‘150 km is definitely my goal. He is also in the process of improving his fitness. If it continues like this, it will definitely happen one day. But that’s not all I’m thinking about 150. In fact, the most important thing in international cricket is to consistently bowl at 140 speeds with good length variations. It is difficult to survive in international cricket just by bowling hard. ‘ Even with Candy’s lifeless wicket, Taskin’s lively bowling meant that time was really behind him.