May 9, 2021


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In the current IPL, ‘Zero to Hero’ who …

Some of the star cricketers who have come to play in the 2021 IPL have written a wonderful story of their return and explained that ‘you can be a hero even from zero’. Critics have questioned their poor performance since last year until a few months ago. But this time he answered all of them with his own performance at 22 yards. Let’s take a look at the five successful heroes who came back 22 yards in this IPL.

Glenn Maxwell: Maxwell could not play like that in the last IPL. He was released by his former team Punjab. This year he came back, just like the champion. Maxwell proved that Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore did not make a mistake in buying him. RCB has so far scored 223 runs in seven matches.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Captain Cool was not happy with the 2020 IPL. Dhoni’s Chennai had to finish at number 7 in the event held in the United Arab Emirates. CSK won only 6 out of 14 matches. Captain Dhoni had to face harsh criticism. From there, Mahi made a splash in the 2021 IPL. So far, Dhoni’s team has won five of the six matches. Everyone is happy with Mahir’s performance.

Prithvi Shaw: 2020 IPL did not go well for Prithvi Shaw. He did not score a single century that year. He made 228 runs in 13 matches. Many people raised questions after seeing his performance. Critics pointed fingers at him. This time Prithvi answered all of them with his bat. He has played in 8 matches so far in the current IPL. 269 ​​runs came from his bat. His batting strike rate is also eye-catching, his batting strike rate is 165.03.

Hershal Patel: Rabindra Jadeja scored 36 runs in Hershal Patel’s over. After that any young bowler should go to the backfoot. But Hershel Patel has kept the purple hat in his possession so far this season. Hershel did not do very well in the 2020 IPL. He played a total of 5 matches, taking only 3 wickets. However, he has taken 18 wickets in 6 matches so far this year.

Shikhar Dhawan: He is the owner of the orange hat at the moment this season. In the 14th IPL, his bat is talking at 22 yards. He has scored 311 runs in 6 matches so far. Last season, however, he was close to the orange hat. He made 618 runs in 16 matches. However, Dhawan maintained his continuity.