May 8, 2021


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This time Dhawan came forward

India is having a hard time corona violence. The number of victims is increasing day by day. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is going on in such a situation. However, even in difficult times, India is getting financial support from the IPL to fight against Corona.Cricketers are donating to various franchises and individual initiatives. Sachin Tendulkar has already given a grant of Rs 1 crore. This time Shikhar Dhawan, who played for Mumbai Indians, also extended a helping hand. He has announced a grant of Rs 20 lakh to the ‘Mission Oxygen Fund’ for the purchase of oxygen. Besides, he will give all the personal prizes he gets in the current IPL to the fund.

Dhawan said, ‘It is my turn to do something for the people of the country. I will give a cash grant of Tk 20 lakh. Besides, I will donate all the money I earn from the IPL on the basis of performance to the Mission Oxygen Help Fund. I would like to thank and appreciate all the fighters on the front lines. We are forever indebted to you. ‘

In India, the coronavirus death procession has created a crisis in the place of burial in Delhi. Only corpses and corpses visible throughout the crematorium. The crematorium is not able to bury so many bodies. As a result, New Delhi police have called for increasing the number of crematoriums. Sources: NDTV, Anandabazar, BBC. Citing a senior police officer, the report said the cause of most of the deaths in the city is now Kavid. Due to lack of space, many people are burning their loved ones in the crematorium which is not for the victims of Kavid. According to a report, the cries of relatives are increasing due to lack of oxygen, medicine and beds in Indian hospitals. Relatives are rushing to the place of burial. The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the country on Thursday exceeded 18 million. The number of people infected with the daily infection has exceeded the record of all the countries of the world so far and stands at 3 lakh 8 thousand 452 people. In one day, 390 people died in the capital New Delhi. Which is as high as one day after the onset of the epidemic. Criticism of the central government’s various measures at the time of the epidemic, including the approval of election meetings and religious gatherings for the situation, is growing in the country. Meanwhile, there is already a shortage of vaccines in several states. Mumbai, the commercial capital of 20 million people, has suspended immunization programs due to declining stocks.

One in four deaths per day in the world is in India: where the epidemic in India will stop, the answer is yet to be found. However, in addition to the infection, the way deaths are increasing, panic is spreading in the international arena. Because at the moment the rate of death is increasing in the whole world, 25 percent of it is in India. According to the statistics obtained on April 26, 12,303 corona patients died all over the world on that day. Of these, 3,293 died in India alone. In other words, one out of every four deaths in the world every day is in India.

Indian type of coronavirus also found in France this time. Three people have also been affected by Indian-style corona in the country. Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Indian variants of the coronavirus had been found in at least 16 countries around the world. Source: G-News.
According to a report by the French Minister of Health, such a search called B.1.617 was found a few days ago. The first Indian type was caught by a woman in southwestern France. He came to India recently. The French Ministry of Health confirmed the information last Wednesday. The other two victims also went to France with new variants. They are residents of southeastern France.

France announced a month-long strict lockdown to prevent corona infections. From May 19, museums, cinema halls and theaters will open in accordance with some restrictions. President Emanuel Macron said that all the cafes and restaurants in the country will be opened gradually this time. Gradually everything will be back to normal in four steps. Macron said the decision was made to save the economy.

4 million deaths in Brazil: The total number of deaths due to coronavirus in Brazil has exceeded 4 million. The country ranks second only to the United States in the number of deaths worldwide. Experts have warned that the death toll could rise further in the coming months due to a relaxed and slow vaccination program to prevent infection.

According to the Ministry of Health, 3,001 people died in Corona in Brazil last Thursday. As a result, the total number of deaths in the country since the beginning of the epidemic has stood at 4 lakh 1 thousand 18 people.

The corona infection in Brazil this year was so devastating that the entire country’s health system collapsed. Even in a month, about 1 lakh people die. At that time more than 4 thousand people die every day. It came down a bit in early April. Many local governments then relaxed the lockdown imposed to prevent infection. But infectious disease experts say the death toll could rise further in the coming months as restrictions are relaxed. Infection cannot be prevented by vaccination alone. According to them, more than 2,000 people will continue to die every day. Epidemiologist Pedro Hallal said Brazil was going to make the same mistake as last year. The expert who led the national level research on Kavid-19 said, what is Brazil doing now? It relaxed again and the death toll was set at 2,000 a day, as if 2,000 people were dying every day from a single disease.