June 15, 2021


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The era of bamboo bats is coming!

The use of willow bats in cricket is declining. It has been said for so long that willow bats are very effective. That became the gospel. Is Willow going to lose that tradition? Willow wood is used to make cricket bats. Its effectiveness was also well known. But bamboo is going to take the place of that willow. A study by the University of Cambridge in England has found unimaginable success in the use of bamboo in making cricket bats. As a result, the cost of making cricket bats is going to be reduced several times. The bats currently used are usually made from willow wood grown in England or Kashmir. Darshil Shah and Ben Tinkler Davis, two researchers at the University of Cambridge, have found that bamboo bats can be made at a much lower cost than willow wood.

In an interview with the London Times, researcher Darshil Shah said, “The sweet spot of the bamboo bat has been created in such a way that the ball of Yorker length can be made a boundary even at the beginning of the innings.” The most interesting thing is that it is possible to play all kinds of strokes with this bat. ‘

The Guardian claims that the decline in the number of English willows and the crisis in the supply of timber have created a major problem. It takes at least 15 years to collect good quality wood from a tree after planting. For this reason, new trees may be planted; But there has already been a shortage. Another problem is that 15 to 30 percent of the wood is wasted in making bats from the collected wood.

According to the two researchers, bamboo bats can be made at a much lower price. Bamboo grows fast, which is why you don’t have to worry about its quantity. It also contains durable materials. Its shoots sprout forth from the previous tree and a fully usable bamboo is found within seven years.

Darshil Shah said that with bamboo bats, it will be possible to make cricket popular in non-traditional countries like Japan, China and South America.

According to researchers, their bats are much harder and stronger than bats made of willow wood. Darshil Shah said, “This bat is much tougher than the Willow bat and we are very optimistic about this bat.” Source: The Wall.