June 19, 2021


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Man U star racist attack after losing the final!

The day before, former West Indies cricketer Michael Holding said that racism will never decrease in the world. Evidence of this was found within hours of this statement. Marcus Rashford was the victim of a racist attack after losing in the Europa League final. The Manchester United footballer has been the victim of these racist attacks on social sites

When the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement was going on in Europe, Rashford also took part in it. But it is clear from Thursday’s incident that the slightest impact of the incident did not fall on the common man. “So far, at least 60 racist comments have been made on my social media site,” Rashford wrote on Twitter this morning. Greetings to those who want to make my feelings worse. You try. ‘

Rashford further wrote, ‘Someone sent me a bunch of monkey emojis in my inbox, who is a math teacher. Such people also teach children! He thought that he could attack a happy racist without thinking about the answer. After this tweet, many football fans have stood by Rashford. They have simultaneously raised their voices against racism. A few days ago, the top clubs in England closed their social accounts for 4 days in protest of racism.

Sri Lankan container vessels have been on fire in the Indian Ocean since last week. Despite many attempts, it could not be brought under control. Later, a vessel of the Indian Coast Guard was sent to put out the fire. It is learned that the ship named MV Express Pearl contained chemical and fuel materials. The ship caught fire about 16 km off the coast of Colombo before entering port in the Indian Ocean. It is known that the fire started from chemicals.

A total of 25 members of the ship have already been evacuated. Two Indian Coast Guard ships, Vaibhav and Bajra, have already been sent to put out the blaze. On May 15, the ship set sail from Gujarat, India with 1,046 containers. It was going to Singapore via Colombo. The ship contained cosmetics and about 25 tons of nitric acid.

It has been feared that the level of pollution will also increase as six days have passed since the fire broke out. Coast Guard helicopters have already been brought to Tuticorin from Chennai. The entire area will be inspected by air and the amount of pollution will be checked. The Indian Coast Guard has been in touch with the Sri Lankan authorities throughout the operation.