June 20, 2021


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Neymar dismissed allegations of sexual harassment

Brazil superstar Neymar has been criticized for living a reckless life off the field. Neymar doesn’t have a pair because he always has a noisy party. At the same time, he is perfect for going to bed with many girls. Five years ago, Neymar was accused of sexual harassment. Neymar did not agree to help investigate the case. That’s why sportswear maker Nike canceled its sponsorship deal.

The company claims that PSG star Neymar has sexually harassed a female Nike employee. However, Neymar has dismissed Nike’s allegations. The Brazilian superstar claims that Nike is lying. Neymar said in a message on his Instagram that the allegations made by Nike were completely baseless. He did not sexually harass anyone. He did not have sex with any such woman.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Neymar came to a Nike event in New York in 2016. Neymar then sexually harassed the worker in his room at the hotel. The female Nike worker told her friends and colleagues about the day. He filed a case in 2016. The following year, Nike commissioned an outside law firm to investigate the allegations. Hillary Crane, Nike’s general counsel, said: “Nike has severed ties with Neymar over his refusal to assist in the investigation into the allegations.”

Neymar was no longer seen in Nike’s marketing and promotion during the investigation. Finally, last year, the two sides officially cut the gap of about 15 years. Neymar later signed a sponsorship deal with Puma, another sports equipment manufacturer. This time Neymar wrote on his Instagram, ‘I was not given a chance to defend myself. I never had sex with that woman or made any offers. I didn’t even get a chance to talk to her to understand her true pain. He was an employee. I’m an athlete, I wasn’t safe either. ‘