July 24, 2021


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Kohli-Kumble on two poles with lbw out’s ‘dual policy’

Imagine two balls with the same line, the same length — two bowlers. Showing ball tracking, both balls went away with a light touch on the stumps.

Now two different scenes can be seen in the same match. What can catch the eye, is always catching the eye! How are those two scenes? Let’s imagine.

Scenario One: The umpire raised his finger for lbw in response to the bowlers-fielders’ plea. The batsman challenged the umpire’s decision and took a review. The on-field umpire gave out, so the third umpire upheld the on-field umpire’s decision, even though the stumps were a little touchy.

Scenario two: The umpire did not respond to the bowlers-fielders’ request for lbw saying exactly the same. This time the fielding team captain took the review.

But the on-field umpire did not give out, but the third umpire upheld the previous not-out decision.

What, it seems that one side has been wronged! The ‘dual policy’ of lbw outs is currently being debated in the cricket world. India captain Virat Kohli and his former coach Anil Kumble are on two poles in that fight.

Kohli wants a change in the review rules for lbw out. And Kumble, the head of the ICC cricket committee, sees no reason to change that.

Kohli also argued in favor of changing the rules when it comes to reviewing LBW outs. His words – even if the ball touches the stumps a little, the bells fall, the batsman becomes bold. Then in the case of LBW the same kind of saying and in the same situation why there will be two different rules!
In this case, the decision of the field umpire to give priority to the Indian captain. Kohli thinks the rule should be the same in all cases.

The point is, whether the field umpire gives out or not; The third umpire should declare the ball out as soon as it touches the stumps. Kohli also thinks that the rule will be the same for everyone if he does this.

Following the Indian captain’s call, the ICC cricket committee has said it will discuss the matter this week. Rahul Dravid, Mahela Jayawardene, Andrew Strauss, Shaun Pollock, the head of the rich ICC cricket committee, former India spinner and coach Kumble.

According to a report by cricket news website Cricinfo, Kumble has advised the ICC to uphold the current rules on lbw outs.

Asked how the current rules have been approved, a source in the ICC Cricket Committee said the ICC Cricket Committee takes any decision in consultation with all boards.

The cricket committee sent the rules to all the boards for approval. Among the members who agreed was the BCCIO (Board of Cricket in India).