September 26, 2021


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Where forward Nepal football

Bangladesh and Nepal can be called the closest strength team in football. But comparing the players’ personal skills, fitness, team performance indicators, it is clear that Nepal is ahead of Bangladesh. After September 2016, Bangladesh could never surpass Nepal in the rankings!

In the last two South Asian Games, Bangladesh has won two bronze medals as opposed to Nepal’s gold. Nepal became the 2017 Bangabandhu Gold Cup champion in Bangladesh. They also won the AFC Solidarity Cup the same year. In the ongoing World Cup qualifiers, Nepal has 3 points against Bangladesh’s 1 point.

The hilly country is moving forward by building academy-based football infrastructure. They have set up three academies in Kathmandu, Dharan and Bhutal. Work is underway to establish another academy in Pokhara.

The first ANFA Academy was established in Kathmandu in 1999 with 40 students with the financial support of FIFA. The four-storey academy building next to the Anfa building stands as an advertisement for Nepal football development.
Dharan and Butal’s academy, established in 2005, is developing players. 59 16-year-old footballers are practicing under the supervision of local coaches.

For two consecutive years, selected under-14 boys from different districts were brought and kept in training for 5 years. Anfar General Secretary Indraman Tuladhar said that the average cost of each academy is 60,000 US dollars a year.
Eighty-five percent of the Nepal national team’s footballers come from here. Kiran Chemjong, Rohit Chand, Bimal Ghatri have come up from this academy. After beating South Asia, Rohit is now leading the Indonesian league. The footballer, who has played in the Indonesian league for three consecutive years, has also become one of the best foreign players in the league.

In addition to goalkeeper Kiran Nepal, India’s A-League team is leading Roundglass Punjab. In the first light, Kiran was saying, ‘I might not have come this far if I was not a student of the academy. Everyone said the basic techniques of my football are good. That was possible for the academy. ‘

In Bangladesh, footballers came to the national team to play. What are the basic qualities of being a striker or midfielder, they often know them after reaching the highest level. Even though the national team spends around হাজার 35,000 a month on foreign coaching staff, the profit margin is small. But Nepal is getting good results with only স্থানীয় 2,000 local coaching staff. Even if they have a foreign coach, their cost goes up to 6,000 dollars.

Bal Gopal Maharjan, the coach of the Nepal national team, understands the difference between the players of the two countries in terms of playing and coaching in Bangladesh and Nepal.

The words of the Nepal coach may not be wrong. In the presence of high quality foreign players, the standard of Bangladesh Premier League is at least better than that of Nepal. In the AFC Club Rating, Bangladesh ranks 20th among Asian countries with 23 points, while Nepal is 35th with only 2 points. But the difference became apparent after joining the national team. And that may be due to the structured football education of Nepalis.