September 26, 2021


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Champion Bangladesh defeated Kenya in the dramatic final

There was a roar of the sea in the gallery of the Paltan Volleyball Stadium. There was a glow of colored light over his head. The patriotic songs that spread inspiration are played one after the other in a high tone. After winning the final of the nerve-wracking excitement, the Bangladesh national kabaddi team made the evening extraordinarily colorful. Hosts Bangladesh defeated Kenya by 34-26 points in the final of the Bangabandhu Cup International Kabaddi Tournament today.

This is the first international title of Bangladesh in Kabaddi. Bangladesh remained unbeaten after winning all the matches of the tournament.

Seeing the start of the match, there was no way to understand that Bangladesh is the champion. The Kenyan players who were ahead of Bangladesh in physical height were repeatedly raiding and picking up points.

In the beginning, Bangladesh was ahead by 6-5 points, but from then on, Kenya started showing dominance. Kenya drew the match 6-7. Bangladeshi players were caught raiding one by one. Bangladesh was trailing by 10-18 points in the first half.

But Bangladesh looked different in the second half. Bangladesh Raider Arduzzaman Munshi picked up 3 points in a row in the second half. Then Bangladesh started getting one point after another. In fact, Kenya has lost to experience. In the end, Bangladesh left the mat after winning the match. As soon as the game was over, the Bangladeshi players started dancing to the beat of the song on the mat. The spectators also danced with the players sitting in the gallery. State Minister for Home Affairs Asaduzzaman Khan handed over the trophy to the Bangladesh team after the match.

Bangladesh, which is in the top five in the world rankings, was the favorite in this five-nation tournament. In addition to Kenya, which is in the top seven, Poland (12), Nepal (6) and Sri Lanka (6) are taking part in the tournament.
Bangladesh clinched the second consecutive victory in Bangabandhu Cup International Kabaddi. Bangladesh defeated Kenya by 32-29 points last night at Paltan Volleyball Stadium. Earlier in the first match, Bangladesh lost to Poland by 40-22 points. According to the schedule of the tournament, Bangladesh was scheduled to play Nepal tomorrow. But two days after the start of the tournament, the Nepal team could not come to Dhaka. And since Nepal did not come, the schedule has been changed to Bangabandhu Cup International Kabaddi. As a result, Bangladesh had to fight Kenya in the second match.

Habibur Rahman, general secretary of the federation, said they were likely to arrive in Dhaka today. “The Nepal team’s flight was canceled due to inclement weather,” he said. For this they were supposed to come yesterday but could not come. Although they tried to come by road through India; But they were not allowed to come through India. But today they can reach Dhaka. ‘

There have been fierce battles from the beginning of the game. At first, the hosts fell behind by 0-2 points. But over time, the Bangladesh Kabaddi team began to turn around. The points kept coming in the raid, the Tuhin supporters kept the Kenyan catchers stuck. As a result, Bangladesh was ahead by 13-11 points against Kenya at the end of the first half.

Bangladesh continued to advance in the second half. However, at the end of the game, the hosts fell behind again in the space of points. At one stage the score of the two teams became 25-25, 26-28. In the end, Bangladesh overcame all fears and left the mat with a victory. The referee warned Kenya’s Lavehien Ogota by showing him a green card for entering the mat without any instructions. Arduzzaman Munshi of Bangladesh became the best player of the match.

Earlier in the day, Sri Lanka beat Poland by 45-16 points to clinch their second consecutive victory in the tournament.