June 20, 2021


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Messi gave the conditions to stay in Barcelona

What will be the deal? If so, when? Or not, Lionel Messi will leave Barcelona!

These questions have been circulating since last August. Ever since Messi announced his departure from Bar থেকেইa. The Argentine star later changed his mind but did not change the scene, but took on a more complex shape. There are financial problems, Messi was not satisfied with the work of Bar বারa. He himself had been keeping his mouth shut about renewing the contract for so long. Didn’t say anything openly. However, with the arrival of a new president at Bara, the ice of the club’s relationship with Messi has probably begun to melt.

After Juan Laporta became the new president, Barca is probably on the verge of giving good news about Messi in so many days. Messi is likely to renew his contract with the Catalan club if Eurosport reporter Farmin de la Cal is correct. But there are conditions. Those conditions, that is, the Barca star has handed over his demand letter to Laporta.

According to the media, Messi wants the demand to be fulfilled before the contract is renewed. Messi’s contract with Bar্সa expires at the end of this season. He wanted to leave Bar্সa at the end of last season. But Bar জটিলa did not release Messi due to the complexity of the release clause. The Argentine forward then changed his mind.

But now if Bar্সa do ​​not renew his contract, he will be able to change address at the end of the season.
Although Laporta promised to stand in the Bar সভাপতিa presidential election, he wants to hold on to Messi anyway. He said this even after being elected as the president. Meanwhile, several European clubs want to buy Messi, but the latest news is that he is more likely to stay at Camp Nou. And Messi has submitted the demand out of the desire to stay.

The first condition is to build a competitive squad. Messi wants a team that can win big titles. He wants at least one big star in the team for that. Mino Raiola has set foot in Camp Nou to fulfill this condition of Messi. At the moment, Barca officials are sitting at the negotiating table with his agent Raiola about buying Arling Harland, the best young number nine in Europe.

Messi’s second condition is to buy ordinary players at the club. Messi is not happy with the players Barcelona have bought in the last few seasons. Barcelona did not spend less money on Coutinho, Pianich, Brathwaite, Malcolm, Arthur. Messi claims that he should pay attention to buying players who are really good players and can contribute to the squad.

According to a report by Farmin de la Cal, Messi’s third condition is related to Bar বয়সa’s age group. Messi has also demanded that confidence be restored in the promising footballers who have emerged from La Messia. Ansu Fati, the star who grew up in ‘La Masia’, has demanded that Barারa strikers should be helped as Aylai Moribad grows up. Messi wants the players who grew up in this ‘football farm’ of Bar্সa to have confidence in the club and plan for the future with the club at their center, without running after outside stars.

Messi’s third condition is the communication of the players with the club. Messi’s mutual understanding with previous Bar্সa coaches such as Luis Enrique or Kiki Setien was not good. Messi wants a solution to this issue. The Bar্সa captain, however, has a good rapport with current coach Ronald Koman. Messi also wanted the players to be able to communicate directly with the Bar সরাসরিa president on the fifth condition.

Laporta is determined to keep Messi. It remains to be seen whether Messi will be able to put it into practice even if he accepts the conditions.