September 26, 2021


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The fourth division club in France is better than Bara

Do you know the club named Sedan?

There is no harm in not recognizing. On the contrary, if you recognize it, you can be called an encyclopedia of football. The club does not fall within the definition of a professional club. The fourth division of France plays in the Championet Nacional do. Could this club be more appealing to anyone than Barcelona?

That’s an absurd question! Where Barcelona is one of the elite clubs in Europe, and where a sedan. But by bringing these two clubs in the same sentence, by comparing them, Bar্সa is one player behind Bar রাখa! His name? Jean-Clach-Todibo.

As a matter of fact, the name of the sedan club has come in the face of Jean-Klech-Todibo. The French defender, who has not been able to do much in Barcelona in two years, spent the day at the Catalan club sitting on a bench, watching the Messi-Griezmann game. From that frustration, Todibo said, the opportunity to play regularly in a fourth division club in France like a sedan will attract him more than sitting in Barcelona. At the moment, Todibo is in Barcelona, ​​not again. Messi has a contract with the club, but at the moment the 21-year-old French defender is playing for his hometown club Nice. Nice is the third club to have played alongside Todibo in the two years since joining Barcelona in 2019. He has had the good fortune to wear the Bara jersey on the field only five times in the space of doing this and that. Despair is about to get him.

Speaking on France’s RMC Sport Channel, Todibo expressed his frustration, saying, “It’s not as bad as going to Barcelona to play. Instead of going to Barcelona to play, I would rather take the opportunity to play regularly wearing a sedan jersey. ‘

The number of players who have been criticized by Bar পরa since leaving is not small. Bar্সa all-rounder Brazilian rightback Dani Alvez has done just that, and Ibrahimovic has never given up. Neymar has filed a case against Bar্সa.

So the comparison of the fourth division club of France with Bara! Why is he so upset with Bara? Todibo also explained, ‘Whatever you do in a sedan, your criticism will be less. And when you are introduced (in the club jersey) after joining Barcelona … the stage of going completely crazy! But in real life the matter is completely empty. I have played only five matches there. ‘

Growing up in French club Toulouse, he made his professional football debut in Toulouse. One season, Barcelona caught his eye as soon as the light spread there. When Todibo came to Bar্সa in 2019, it was assumed that he would be one of the future captains of Bara’s defense. Lobdanka!

The number of clubs borrowing from Barাa so far is on par with the number of matches Todibo in Bar বারa jerseys. In January last year, Todibo moved to Schalke, Germany, to Benfica, Portugal earlier this season. But somewhere that wins someone’s mind to take the opportunity to play regularly, it did not happen! Benfica sent him back to Barারa in December, after Bar জানa sent the French defender back on loan in January. Nice has given him a chance to buy him if he likes his game.

But if you do not buy Nice? He still has two years left on his contract at Bar্সa. The way Barcelona is playing ‘tiki-taka’ with other clubs with him, Todibo may have to borrow another club next season if he doesn’t buy Nice. Todibo is now able to play regularly under Nice coach Adrian Uresa. In the meantime, he has played 6 matches in the league.

However, the frustration of not being able to play like this in Barca did not go away. He made his Bar বারa debut in the league against Uesca in April 2019, and has played four more matches alongside Messi. 325 minutes in all. The last time he played was a year and a half ago in the Champions League against Inter Milan.

Todibor regrets, ‘I won La Liga (in 2019), but I couldn’t help the team that way. I was able to play in a few matches as soon as I was sure to win the league. I can play better than that. ‘

But it may not be shown in the Bar্সa jersey and Todibor.