July 25, 2021


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Messi’s three conditions to renew his contract with Bara

Lionel Messi wanted to leave Barcelona last season. However, there is no obstacle in front of the Argentine star to leave the span as the contract with the Catalans expires next July. However, Bar নতুনa’s new president Juan Laporta has expressed interest in renewing his contract with Messi. However, before extending the contract, the Bar্সa captain has given three conditions. Messi will consider a new contract with the club once the conditions are met.
Messi will be a free player from July 1. Big clubs have already started keeping in touch with him. Bar্সa, however, are desperate to keep Messi.
Messi has therefore placed conditions in front of them. But these three conditions are not for yourself; Rather, it is in the interest of the club.
First, in addition to building a strong team, the transfer plan should also be made sensitive. Barcelona is now plagued by financial problems. They are not in a position to spend a lot of money on hiring footballers. However, Messi wants some good footballers to sign Bara.
Secondly, Messi demanded that the team be well organized with the talented young footballers who are in Barcelona at the moment. Messi wants a combination of young and experienced.
Third, Bar্সa’s top executives should have access to direct access to him and coach Ronald Koeman. Last year, the Barাa board had absolutely no contact with Messi. For this reason he was also severely annoyed. He said he could not reach the Bar বোর্ডa board despite any problems. Messi wants to make sure that this means of communication is not blocked in any way.