August 4, 2021


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‘Cricket’s biggest event’ is an international match during IPL!

Kevin Pietersen has spoken to the cricket boards. They have to understand that IPL is the ‘biggest event’ of cricket. So it is better not to keep any international schedule during IPL. This is what the former England batsman has said to the cricket boards.

And the new season of IPL will start after only five days. The world’s most popular and lucrative A-20 franchise league will take place on April 9. The best all-stars in the world played in this tournament for almost two months. Cricket boards in other countries also attach great importance to the Indian franchise league.

The boards do not skimp on allowing their players to play in the IPL. The cricket boards of England and New Zealand have directly acknowledged that they help their players to play in the IPL.


This time Petersen also opened his mouth. According to him, there should be no international schedule during the IPL. The English cricketer of South African descent tweeted, ‘Cricket boards need to understand that IPL is the biggest event (of cricket). Don’t hold any international matches while it’s on. ‘

England cricketers have a lot of problems with this IPL. England will play a two-match Test series against New Zealand from June 2. IPL is scheduled to end on May 30.

The problem will be if Eoin Morgan, Ben Stokes, Jos Butlers play in any of the franchise teams that reach the final. In that case, Morgan will have to stay in India till the last day of IPL. Then they have to choose between either the IPL final or the national team.

In the case of playing in the IPL final, it will be difficult for Morgan-Stokes to return to England from India before the start of the New Zealand series. Add quarantine before entering the biological safety zone back in the country!

Ashley Giles, director of the England Wales Cricket Board (ECB), has previously said that the ECB would not force players to play in the national team without the IPL. This year 14 English cricketers will play in IPL.

Royal Challengers Bangalore will take on Mumbai Indians on the first day of the IPL in Chennai. Last March, England all-rounder Sam Karen said he had no problem playing for the national team if his team did not make it to the Chennai Super Kings play-offs. Each team will play in four venues in the IPL league. Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore will host 10 matches each. Ahmedabad and Delhi will host 6 matches each.

Many cricketers prefer the IPL over the international schedule.
Many cricketers prefer IPL over international schedule. Photo: IPL
However, all the matches will be held in a neutral venue. In other words, no matter where the game is played, no match will be considered a home match of any team. Of course, the importance of the home match in the tournament without spectators – or how much! The ‘house’ is a rectangle of bricks and stones (read pitch-grass) (read circle), except for people drawn in love. The pitch is the same for both teams, the grass too. How is the lifeless stadium home again without spectators!