September 26, 2021


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He was forced to stand next to Messi to take pictures

Just think, Lionel Messi is walking by your side. Or Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar. There could be stars like Paolo DiBalla, Sergio Aguero, Philippe Coutinho, Robert Lewandowski, Arling Horland or Killian Mbappe. What to do?

As the age progresses, anyone will run after a star who is sure to take out his mobile phone and frame the moment in a selfie. Opportunity does not come every day!

But Dani Almo is an exception. The 22-year-old Spanish forward, who grew up at Barcelona’s academy, now plays for German club RB Leipzig. He is also a regular in the Spanish national team. His past experience: He didn’t want to get a chance to take pictures with Messi. Instead, he was forced to stand next to Messi to take pictures against his will!

Dani Almo’s acid experience of that day is very expensive now! The picture that was taken reluctantly with Messi is now in Almo’s house.
But what is the experience? That was many years ago, when Almore was still young.

The time has not yet come for Almora to join Barcelona’s La Masia academy in 2006. Messi has been a regular in Bar মূলa’s main XI since then, when the long-haired Argentine forward was part of a great attacking trio alongside Ronaldinho-Ito. At that time, the first Messi-visit Almore in the Barcelona region Castedefele.

Almo in Spain jersey.
Almo in Spain jersey. Photo: Reuters
How? Almo described the incident to The Players Tribune as follows: “Before I joined La Masia. I was 7 years old then. My father was then the coach of Castedefel, one day I went to the field with him in a match. ‘

The arrival of Messi on the scene, ‘I was playing ball on my own, someone at that time — as far as I can remember he was probably a friend of my father — came and said to me,“ Hey, Dani! Come here. Can’t believe what is going to happen! ” You are going to take pictures with Lionel Messi. ‘

Castedefel may be a club in the city of Barcelona, ​​but there are more clubs in the city of Barcelona. Now what is the reason for Messi’s sudden departure in the match of Castedefel, which is playing in the third level of Spanish football? Explaining the incident, Almo said, “It was thought that a friend of Messi’s was playing in the Castedefel match.

But even on such a rare occasion, the eight-year-old Almo seemed to have a monastic apathy, ‘Wow, Messi! That’s it too! Don’t you think so? No child wanted to take pictures with him! But I thought, ‘No, thank you. I’m just the way I am. I want to play football on foot. I’ll take a picture, what else is there, isn’t it? ‘

Almo may have had such thoughts in his childhood, but the people around him did not keep up. Almo was describing the ‘painful’ experience, ‘but against my will they made me stand next to Messi, took pictures. I didn’t tell him (Messi) anything! I was just waiting for the picture to finish. (After taking the picture) I ran towards my ball. It was as if I had succeeded in taking pictures! ‘

In the evolution of time, the eight-year-old Almo is now a young man in his mid-twenties. How much has happened over time! Almore had a chance at Barcelona’s La Masia, where he spent seven years at the academy where Messi-Xavi-Iniesta were brought up until 2014. How to play as an attacking midfielder, winger, second striker, even the main striker, he has been handcuffed there.

But he did not think that he would get a chance in the main team of Barওa even with the strength of his education. He left Bar বারa in 2014 and went to the academy of Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia. He knew that his dream of becoming a professional footballer there would soon come true. Yes. After spending a year at the academy there, Abhishek Almore made his debut for Dinamo Zagreb.