August 6, 2021


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The fastest man-woman is Ismail-Shirin

The familiar scene of the athletics track was seen again today. Two old faces Mohammad Ismail and Shirin Akhter have become the fastest man and woman of Bangabandhu Ninth Bangladesh Games.

However, for the first time in the Bangladesh Games, they became the best in the 100 meter sprint. Ismail did not play in the 100 meter sprint in the last Bangladesh Games held in 2013. Despite playing Shirin Seba, Nazmun Nahar lost to Beauty and became second. Shirin also became famous for showing excellence in Bangladesh Games.

All eyes were on the 100 meter sprint of Bangabandhu Ninth Bangladesh Games at Bangabandhu Stadium today. It was to see if anyone new came up. But there are no athletes in Bangladesh at this time to beat Ismail and Shirin. Especially in the country Shirin won 100 meters 12 times in a row. Ismail won four times. Both of them flew the flag of the best in the latest national championship. Today again the two similarly celebrated the victory with the flag of their party Navy.


After the win, Ismail said, ‘I was second in the long jump in the previous Bangladesh Games. I am very happy that Bangladesh Games has been the best for the first time. ‘ I have become the fastest human being with a little practice. Can’t practice properly now. I can practice one day. Sometimes I can’t come to the field once in a while. There are different routines. I hope I can have a good timing at the end of the day.

Demanding long-term practice, Ismail reiterated, “I should be given the opportunity to practice before the Olympics. Then I hope the timing will be good. The navy is giving us facilities. Now I will be able to do better if it is given by the federation. But everything is stuck because of Corona. ‘

Shirin, who has been unbeaten in the 100 meters for the last few years, said, “There is nothing to feel about this victory. It can only be felt and done. I am happy to have won the first gold in the Bangladesh Games (his timing was 10.60 seconds today). Bangladesh Athletics Federation, Olympic Association, BKSP, Navy have worked behind this. I am grateful to everyone. I also thank my coach Abdullah Hale Kafi. ‘

Shirin added that she is happy to be the fastest woman 12 times in a row. I want to go further. My goal is the Olympics. ‘But Shirin’s excellence proves that no new athletes are emerging in the country. But why? When asked, Shirin laughed and replied, “Why is Shakib Bhai the best all-rounder in the world?” I don’t know what the rest of my event is doing. But I am playing to satisfy my hunger. ‘