May 19, 2021


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Who is the most aggressive captain of women? Pat Cummins informed

Not Dinesh Karthik or Ain Morgan, but Gautam Gambhir is the most aggressive captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders to Pat Cummins. Before the start of the IPL, the Australian bowler said it in a very open mood.

The statistics, however, point in that direction. Under Gambhir’s leadership, KKR won the trophy in 2012 and 2014. Since then, there has been a lot of frustration over the last few years. The right-handed bowler was one of the key players to win the Knight World for the second time. Diving into that memory, Cummins says, “I played under Gautam Gambhir. I saw him very closely. The aggressive mood seemed great to me. At once it matches the Australian genre. ”

However, Cummins has fallen in love with this city, not just the nightclub. He also said that frankly. He says, “I was surprised when I returned to Kolkata after winning the trophy in 2014. Thousands of people flocked to the Garden of Eden, ignoring the heat and the sun. That was unimaginable to me. ”

After playing in KKR for several years, he got an idea about Indian cricket. He also played in the last Test series against India. Who is the best loud bowler in India lately? Such a question was thrown at Cummins. Virat Kohli put Yashpreet Bumra ahead of everyone else in the team. And Kamlesh Nagarkoti, the young bowler of his choice in the Knights camp.

The earth will return in rhythm. The Delhi camp is hoping.

The earth will return in rhythm. The Delhi camp is hoping.
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Citing last year’s example, Prithviraj Shaw’s mentality was questioned by the team’s head coach Ricky Ponting. However, before the start of the IPL, the team’s assistant batting coach Praveen Amre stood by him, commenting on the positive aspects of the world.

Former national team batsman Praveen Amre said, “Everyone has seen the mood of Prithvi in ​​the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Thanks to scoring 628 runs in 6 matches, his confidence has returned. So I hope he can run in that rhythm even for Delhi Capitals. Giving a lot more time on the net. Although the team’s practice started in the evening, Prithvi came to the field at 3 pm every day. Then I took him to the net. After that, the boy is engrossed in batting for hours on end. ”

But not just Prithvi, Amre is equally excited about his team’s young captain Rishabh Panth. “I will convey to Ricky Ponting the condition of all the cricketers in the team,” he said. Because that’s my job. That also applies to Rishabh. Reason and team captain. Before the competition starts, every cricketer in the team should know how much rhythm he has. ”

However, Ponting claimed that Prithvi had caused him a lot of trouble last season. Last time this young opener was not in rhythm at all. Usually when a batsman runs out of runs, he sweats more in the net. However, the pair of Australian World Cup-winning captains claim that the best weapon to spend bad time is practice, but Prithvi did not want to enter the net! Last season, Prithvi scored only 226 runs in 13 matches at an average of 18.53.