April 15, 2021


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FIFA has stopped allocating BFF due to financial irregularities

The FIFA has stopped giving grants to the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) for three months. For the first time, the company has taken such a decision as it is dissatisfied with the lack of transparency in spending, audit and financial transactions.

BFF senior vice-president and finance committee chairman Abdus Salam Murshedy acknowledged the incident. “We have a meeting with FIFA on Tuesday,” he said. FIFA has given us some more financial instructions. It will be clear after the meeting on Tuesday.

FIFA spends a lot of money to improve the country’s football. The company allocates about four and a half million dollars every year. Which is equivalent to four crore rupees in Bangladeshi rupees. But BFF has not received any money in the first quarter of this year. Unhappy FIFA wrote a letter to the Football Federation on March 30.

The senior vice president of BFF is not satisfied with the officials of the finance department. In particular, he thinks that Chief Finance Officer Abu Hossain has failed. He has already been given a notice to show cause. Earlier, the Anti-Corruption Commission had summoned the official.

Note that every year FIFA gives financial grants to the federation in four installments. BFF has to give an account against the grant. FIFA also audits the money given to BFF.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus is not leaving behind the Indian Premier League (IPL) concerned. This time, 14 representatives of the broadcaster were infected with the coronavirus after field workers in Mumbai’s Wankhede. Even after being in the bio-bubble, questions have started to arise about how the corona infection spread in their body.

However, an official of the broadcaster told the local media that the board should do whatever it wants to ask about the matter. In the hotel where the broadcasters are staying, they have not created bio-bubble protection for themselves.

As the day of IPL draws closer, the news of coronavirus infection is increasing. From players to field workers, broadcasters and even board officials have been reported to be affected. An official of the board said, “When field workers and others are being attacked by Corona, it is very natural that the crew members of the broadcaster will also be infected.” That’s why the company is very worried about their employees.

However, the highest incidence of corona is now in Mumbai. So far, most of the victims are in quarantine at various hotels in Mumbai. Even then, the Chennai-Delhi match will be played on April 10 in that Wankhede in Mumbai.