April 17, 2021


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FIFA satisfied with BFF’s activities: Salam Murshedy

The World Football Federation (FIFA) has stopped the annual allocation of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) due to lack of transparency in spending, dissatisfaction with the process of audit and financial transactions. After such news was spread in the media, BFF had a virtual discussion with FIFA on Tuesday.

After the meeting, BFF senior vice-president Abdus Salam Murshedy and Abu Naim Sohag met the media. At the time, they claimed that FIFA had expressed satisfaction with all BFF activities. The world football governing body has also made a number of suggestions. Which BFF will try to do more beautifully in the future.

Salam Murshedy, chairman of the finance committee, said: “FIFA is pleased with our financial performance. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) sees us as the reason, but it is giving 85 percent of the fund realization at the beginning of the year. Even if he was not satisfied, he would not give it. ‘

“FIFA recommends that you always try to negotiate with the three suppliers,” he said, urging greater transparency and accountability. In this case, the supplier must have qualifications, skills and experience. Then take it from whoever gets less. ‘

Asked if the payment had been stopped by FIFA, the BFF general secretary said, “We received a FIFA payment 15 days ago. We are getting the regular payments that we have. I am also getting the payments from BFF properly. FIFA wants to know if the problem of timely payment of salaries in 2018 has been solved. Our Chairman Sir has confirmed that the coaches, technical directors, referees, foreigners and everyone else are being paid properly. ‘

“However, we have requested FIFA to adhere to the timeline for our achievements or further work to be done by May. We have also sought the cooperation of FIFA for this, “he added.

Asked if BFF did not receive ল 2 million from FIFA’s budget because of BFF’s lack of coveted activities, Sohag said: FIFA has not done this work not only in Bangladesh but also in many Asian countries. Which they wrote to us last year stating that many countries are unable to utilize these in the context of Kovid. There is nothing to worry about here. FIFA will work with all countries step by step, and this fund will not be wasted. ‘

After receiving the money, how it has been used in some sectors. The federations are obliged to send such documents back to FIFA. As a result, BFF has also done 90 per cent of their transactions through checks, Salam Murshedy said, adding, “Most of the transactions in BFF are done by checks as per FIFA instructions.” We also do transactions of 600-700 rupees by check. Many people tell me about the transaction directly but I tell everyone to open an account and then come to take the money. So there is no possibility of irregularities in this case either. ‘

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