April 17, 2021


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A school teacher from Dinajpur won the medal at the age of 56

At first glance it may seem confusing. Hair on his head and white beard on his face. But wearing a white sportswear and a black ribbon wrapped around his waist. I see!

As far as the gymnasium of the National Sports Council can be seen, only the young faces are entertaining. In the intoxication of winning a medal in Taekwondo of Bangladesh Games, they are preparing themselves by punching and kicking in the air. If you see 57-year-old Zakir Hossain in the crowd, what is the way not to think wrong! I heard the age from his mouth, ‘Original age is 56. 52 according to the certificate. ‘

At first glance, it may seem that he has moved to Dhaka from Dinajpur only by force of mind. But no, there is strength in the hands and feet. He also won an award. The taekwondo fighter of Dinajpur District Sports Association won the bronze medal in the senior men’s under-32 age group with a score of 6.60. Masum Khan of Border Guard Bangladesh won another bronze medal with the same score.


There is one more piece of surprising information. Zakir Hossain came to the world of martial arts in the intoxication of fighting robbers. From there he moved to almost the same genre of Taekwondo. This time he has come to Dhaka twice to participate in national level games. Won bronze twice. Earlier, he played first and last in the national championship held in 2011.

Zakir Hossain’s house is in Sadar upazila of Dinajpur district. Tafiuddin Memorial High School Mathematics Assistant Teacher. He has been practicing taekwondo since 2009. After practicing for two years, he won a bronze medal in the national championship in 2011.

But after returning home from Dhaka, his taekwondo game stopped. Because, in the eyes of the family and the neighbors, it was the ‘old man’s fear’. He lost contact with Taekwondo for seven years.

But it increased the weight from 6 kg to 62 kg. Disease nesting in the body. Seeing no way out, the only girl studying for a master’s degree at Chittagong University said, “Dad, start playing again.”

Bess went down to Taekwondo again in 2019. Opportunity to play in Bangladesh Games in two years. But did you expect to win a medal at this age? Zakir Hossain replied, ‘No, I didn’t think I would win a medal. But how did I win? ‘

Bigger question than winning a medal, where do you get the inspiration to play at this age? There is the story of liberation war and robbers. Listen to the words of Zakir Hossain, ‘I get inspiration from the memories of the liberation war and the fight against the bandits. I still remember the memory of 1971. Dum, dum: (with a gunshot in the face). I’m running. After independence, the fear of robbers started in our area. Many more years later our home was robbed. The robbers shot and wounded my brother. My life changed. I entered the world of martial arts for self-defense. Then Taekwondo. Still, the memory of that liberation war and running after the robbers is my inspiration. ‘

Apart from this, he also explained the reason for keeping the body healthy and strong by playing a word like Veda.