June 15, 2021


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Muminul with what he has

It is not as difficult to captain a team as it is to play cricket. Not only personal skill and skillful team management — the cricket captain also has to handle the media with skilled hands. There is no discount for Mominul Haque, who is accustomed to getting media sympathy from the beginning of his playing career. One of his statements about the absence of Shakib Al Hasan and Mustafizur Rahman, who went to play in the IPL in front of the media yesterday, is more discussed than the Bangladesh team going to Sri Lanka today. And Mominul himself is the victim of that discussion.

kalerkantho As expected, the first question asked to the Bangladesh Test captain was about the weakening of the team in the absence of Shakib and Mustafiz. Mominul flatly said, ‘No. I don’t think the team will not get results without Shakib Bhai or Mustafiz. You see, there are more players. They don’t have 10-12 hands. The rest do not have 10-12 hands. I don’t think it has any effect. We may not be able to play as a team. That is why there is no positive result. ‘

His ’10-12 hands’ social media has been busy since noon yesterday. Mominul has indirectly underestimated the stars by saying that the fans have taken it for granted. Seeing all this, a senior cricketer’s phone rang in the evening, ‘Would you have been happy if Mominul had said that? Should he have said that the lack of those two is not to be met? That is to say, those who will be considered in the place of those two, they will suffer inferiority complex. Can you tell, in which other country there is so much discussion about one or two regular team members? Who will not, will be replaced by another. That is what happens in all countries. ‘

That’s it. Apart from the big star who is missing due to injury or personal reasons, other teams named on the field also do well. Doesn’t cry like that. Mominul is also not willing to fall for those who are or are not there, ‘As Shakib said, there is no brother. It may be that there are not two or three senior cricketers in a series. For those who will play in their place, I have repeatedly said that this is a good opportunity for them. I think it’s better to be made that way. ‘

The white ball series in New Zealand did not go well. Earlier, the series against the West Indies at home has not yet dried up. The challenge of the two-Test series in Sri Lanka is even greater. Mominul agrees, but does not put himself in the cancellation register, ‘If we can win every session, play well, then the result will come to us. If we do bad, the result will be against us. So it will be difficult to say in advance. I think if we can play with good preparation, there could be a draw, we could win the match again. ‘

But the preparation was not brought to sixteen. The National League has been suspended after the second round due to an increase in corona infection. Apart from that, many of the Test team were busy in New Zealand saying white. So Mominul is not too high on preparation, ‘You know very well what the situation has been for the last one-and-a-half years. You may not be able to prepare too much during the coronal period. We are able to prepare as much as possible in the current situation. Those who are Test experts, they have played two four-day matches. The rest of them (on tour to New Zealand) have been in the game all the time so they have been well prepared. ‘ I don’t feel well. Now I hear that there is a little bounce. Sporting wickets are all the time in Sri Lanka. I think cricket will be very good. ‘