May 16, 2021


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Harsha asked to see what Shakib did

In the first match of Kolkata Knight Riders, Sunrisers Hyderabad batted with an average of 9.4 runs per over. Shakib Al Hasan took 1 wicket under this pressure with an average of 6.50 runs per over. Can’t say very good bowling.

But not too bad. It takes a little time to adjust to the matches, wickets and conditions at the start of the IPL season! Shakib knows how to perform in any condition of the world, in any wicket as he is adept at this adaptation. As it was understood in the second match of Kolkata today, the bowling of Bangladesh all-rounder is gradually getting sharper.

Today, at the P Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, however, there was an occasion for Shakib’s controlled bowling. That was seen before Kolkata won the toss and elected to field.


Shakib got a special hat from Kolkata coach Brendon McCullum. He reached the milestone of playing his 50th match for this IPL franchise team today. That’s why McCullum explained the special hat to Shakib amidst the applause of his teammates.

After that, Kolkata bowled in a controlled manner. Shakib took 1 wicket for 23 runs in the best 64 overs. Today, no bowler in Kolkata could beat Shakib in Kiptemi. Mumbai also failed to score big. The team was all out for 152 runs at the end of the innings.

On the contrary, it can be said that Kolkata captain Eoin Morgan attacked Shakib as soon as he sensed danger. At the end of 3 overs, Mumbai’s score was 24 for 1. Kolkata spinner Harbhajan Singh gave away 14 runs in the previous over. Morgan realized that it was time for Mumbai’s Rohit Sharma and Suryakumar Yadav to sit on the bowlers. So in the next over, the England star showed confidence in Shakib by attacking him. With only 4 runs in that over, Shakib gave a great return to the confidence of the captain.

Shakib didn’t get much turn from Chipak’s wicket today. That is not the place of his power. Understanding the batsman, he has bowled at measured length. Thus, he gave only 6 runs in the seventh over of the innings. In the next over, the famous Krishna gave 18 runs and Kolkata captain Morgan came under pressure again. And so in the ninth over Shakib was called again.

He gave only 6 runs keeping Rohit and Suryakumar in check. Shakib got the wicket in his last over. His second ball in the 11th over of the innings hit a four on the edge of the bat. Mumbai has been able to beat Shakib in all four of these today. Suryakumar (57 off 36 balls) gave the wicket to Shakib by catching the ball in the sky with the next ball. Shakib finished his bowling quota with 1 wicket for 6 runs in the last over.

Renowned Indian commentator and analyst Hersha Vogle then tweeted, ‘Another chic performance by Shakib. If you think about what he did, you will see 4-0-23-1. ‘The condition in Chennai today was also in favor of Shakib.

Shakib did not allow the opposing batsmen to increase the speed of the run. Celebrate with teammates after taking wickets.
Shakib did not allow the opposing batsmen to increase the speed of the run. Celebration with teammates after taking wickets. Photo: IPL
Kolkata decided to bowl first after winning the toss due to low dew. In other words, the spinners did not have difficulty in catching the ball, which is helpful in the case of finger spinners like Shakib. Shakib has been able to drop the deliveries on the spot by hanging or with a little force.

Mumbai captain and opener Rohit Sharma could not increase the team’s run rate from the wicket till the 18th over today. He fell victim to Pat Cummins for 43 off 32 balls. At the end of the 15th over, Mumbai’s score was 114 for 3. Mumbai managed to score only 36 runs in the last 30 balls. Andre Russell took 5 wickets for 15 runs for Kolkata.