June 15, 2021


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Neymar’s dream is to bring that Bayern home

These two matches should have been in front of a packed gallery. The gallery was buzzing with the sound of spectators, the spectators were dancing and singing, the sky was screaming at every goal-attack or at the beginning and end of the match … then maybe these two matches deserved to be understood. Alas, coronavirus!

The two matches between PSG and Bayern Munich are probably the best doubles in the Champions League so far, though in the gallery. Attacks, counter-attacks, thrills, tactics – what was not! Neymar-Mbappe’s PSG laughed at the end of these two legs of the thrilling Champions League quarter-final.

After losing to Bayern Munich in last season’s final, Neymar’s dream of winning the first Champions League title with PSG has remained unfulfilled, this time the Neymars have said goodbye to Bayern in the quarter-finals – we are coming again! In the semi-finals, Neymar is now waiting for the winning team between Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City.

At the end of yesterday’s match, the win, draw, loss were all seen by PSG. PSG lost 1-0 in the second leg at home yesterday. The two teams drew 3-3 in the two legs, but PSG went to the semi-finals due to scoring more goals in the opponent’s field.


Neymar went to Bayern last Wednesday and won 3-2. That was the gap that was supposed to be created. That is what happened. Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer also lamented at the end of yesterday’s match, ‘We were not left out due to tonight’s performance. The 1-0 victory here was deserved. But the result in Munich (3-2 in the first leg) was bad. That’s why we were behind before today’s match. ‘

In the first leg, Bayern scored only two goals with 31 shots, one of 14 shots yesterday. Is the loss of the club’s goal machine Robert Lewandowski due to injury the reason for the exclusion of Bayern? Nayar admits, not doing it again, ‘It was very annoying not to be able to take advantage of so many opportunities in the first leg. Did we miss Lewandowski? We missed all those who could not play today. It is difficult (not to have so many players) against a quality team like PSG. ‘

Neymar is the best in the match.
Neymar is the best in the match. Photo: Champions League Twitter account
Bayern knew before the match that these two are not there. That’s why Bayern coach Hansi Flick said before the match that they wanted to cause a “minor mishap” in Paris. Didn’t.

Bayern dominated the match with possession of the ball or taking shots, but PSG got more chances. Neymar has missed goals several times, sometimes because of Nayyar, sometimes because of Bayern’s goalposts. Another PSG star, Killian Mbappe, was so desperate for a goal that he went offside eight times in a match – the highest of any player in a single match in this year’s Champions League.

After winning the first leg and getting 3 goals in the opponent’s field, PSG knew that it would not be easy for Bayern to come back. The German champions had to win by at least two goals. Defender Marquinhos and playmaker Marco Verratti have been ruled out of Paris due to injuries. PSG coach Mauricio Pachettino therefore went on a counter-attack policy, keeping the defense right. In the first leg, however, he played the team with this strategy.


Neymar had four chances in the first half, three of which survived. Bayern goalkeeper Neymar returned Neymar twice, once leaving the post and blocking a shot from the Brazilian forward. After that, Neymar’s goal was blocked twice in three minutes.


Neymar’s great shot in the 36th minute hit the corner of the bar. When Neymar got a pass from Mbappe in the 39th minute and took a shot avoiding Nayar, it hit the side post.

Even if there was a goal in one of them, PSG would not have much to worry about then. But what happened! In 40 minutes, the blood pressure of PSG supporters started rising. Bayern got the goal! David Alaba’s shot was returned by PSG goalkeeper Kyler Navas, but Eric Maxim Chupo-Moting, the striker who left PSG for Bayern earlier this season, was caught in the net by heading a bouncing return ball.

The first of Bayern’s two goals in the first leg was scored by the Cameroon forward in two matches against PSG, where he scored one goal in 10 matches in the Champions League in PSG’s jersey until last season!

Bayern would have taken a 2-0 lead in the first half if Alabar’s lightning shot from outside the box had not been returned by Navas. That did not happen, but the pressure of the PSG did not abate. The history of the collapse of the PSG in the second leg of the knockout stage of the Champions League in the last one decade is no less. Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United … who knows if the memories were worrying PSG fans then.

Only one goal in the match could change fate! If Bayern had scored a goal, it would have been a big blow for PSG. Both teams have got a lot of opportunities. At the start of the second half, Anhel di Maria failed to touch Neymar’s foot on the cross, a goal by Mbappe was canceled offside. In the meantime, PSG lost their left back Abdu Diallo due to injury. Bayern therefore pressed harder on PSG.

Mbappe-Neymar’s ups