June 15, 2021


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He is upset because he was not given enough respect

In 2016, Italian footballer Giorgione joined Chelsea from Italian club Napoli. Coach Mauricio Sari pulled the Brazilian-born Giorgione from Napoli as Chelsea’s coach as the best weapon in his strategy. Earlier, the midfielder was the soul of Napoli under the row. The midfielder made his debut in Chelsea’s jersey with a goal.

He was in the team as the main player under the row. But the 29-year-old midfielder has not been discussed in the last season and a half since the departure of his favorite coach. Georgino has also claimed that he is not getting the respect he expected from playing for Chelsea.

Georgino is playing his third season at Chelsea. In all, he has played 33 matches for Chelsea this season. This means that he is playing regularly in Chelsea’s jersey and he is also happy with his performance. But the English media thinks that there is a lack of consistency in his performance. In response to the Daily Mail’s question, Georgino himself asked, “Rise and fall?” You look at the numbers. But the numbers don’t say that. ‘

After that, Georgino also vented his anger. “I have been criticized a lot and I have accepted it,” said the Italian midfielder. Everyone has their own opinion. Although I do not agree with them, I respect them. Criticism inspires me to work harder and prove them wrong. Sometimes I feel like I’m not being given enough respect. But I never give up. This is a great moment for me and the team. But you can’t always be comfortable. ‘

Chelsea was playing late last year. The All Blues have started laughing after Thomas Tuchel took over from coach Frank Lampard in January this year. Georgini also sees Tuchel’s contribution to the team’s transformation, saying, “He has had a big impact on the team. Understood how to work with us and how to get the best out of us. He understood what to say and what to expect from the players. ‘