June 15, 2021


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The Indian cricketer searched for medicine for his mother and uncle on Twitter

Bad news procession as soon as social media is opened. Some are reporting the death of a loved one, some are reporting illness. Many are again taking refuge for cooperation through social media. Indian cricketer Open Moon has also been forced to choose that path this time.

The mother and uncle of the former captain of India’s Under-19 World Cup winning team have been attacked by Corona. Their condition is critical and they are undergoing treatment at the hospital. But at the moment the necessary medicines for them are not available in Delhi. So Open Moon asked thousands of her fans for help on Twitter.

“I need RemDCV on an urgent basis,” he wrote on Twitter. My mother and uncle are affected by Corona. Please find me as soon as possible. ‘

The open moon that led India to the 2012 Under-19 World Cup has lost its way in the last few years. He played for Delhi Daredevils from 2011 to 2013, then played for Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians. He has not been seen in the IPL in the last four years. The batsman, who played domestic cricket for Delhi, later failed to revive his career by playing in Uttarakhand. However, the number of fans of this stylish batsman has not decreased yet.

After his tweet, the fans went to work. The post has already been shared a lot, cooperation has also started coming from several places. Fans have also posted lists and numbers of distributors of these drugs across the country. Again, some people are giving the link of the drug manufacturing company to Unmukta. Many are also giving them contact numbers so that medicines can be obtained quickly.

Coronavirus infection is increasing day by day in India. Today, 2 lakh 34 thousand 692 people have been newly infected in India. 1,341 people have died in the last 24 hours. In all, 1 lakh 65 thousand 749 people have died in India.