June 15, 2021


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36 in one over, IPL Jadeja-Storm

একাই কোহলিদের শেষ করে দিয়েছেন জাদেজা।

What a great ball in the first three overs Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Hershal Patel. No maiden in three overs. However, Chennai Super Kings managed to score only 14 runs. With that he got three wickets. The wickets also belong to Chennai Super Kings’ three batsmen – Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina and Ambati Rayudu.

In the last over, Virat Kohli gave the ball to him. What happened next is unimaginable. The right-arm pacer has a record of the highest run-scoring in an over in the IPL. Rabindra Jadeja picked up 38 runs from his last over!

Jadeja showed six rain in the last over.
Jadeja showed six rain in the last over. Photo: IPL
This year’s IPL Hershal has started brilliantly. This fast bowler got 5 wickets in the first match. He can’t be blamed if he hopes to make a name for himself again at the start of the last over tomorrow. Jadeja, who had earlier scored 26 off 21 balls, was also not in a rhythm. Herschel wanted to confuse Jadeja by cutting the first ball. As a little mismatched, the ball flew with a deep mid wicket.

The yorker wanted to do away with the next ball. But again the discrepancy, Fultasata sent across the border again. Herschel came to the round wicket to change the fate of the next ball. This time the ball is full, it is also on the waist. Jadeja did not leave again. Again the ball is out of bounds over the mid-wicket. Jadeja also got a free run thanks to a no ball with six runs.

Free hit after three balls bounced off the boundary effortlessly. Jadeja missed such an opportunity! Slower tried to give a bouncer, but Jadeja, who had a terrifying figure, also hit the ball to the side of the mid-wicket. Jadeja became fifty with 25 balls.

Jadeja hit all sixes in the last over of the innings.
Jadeja hit all sixes in the last over of the innings. Photo: IPL
Jadeja was a little wrong in the next ball. Fultos could not be sent out of the border. Rather caught the extra cover. But the fielder could not hold the ball in his hand. The fifth was understood to be that Hershel was suffering from nervousness. Fultus again, this time the ball flew with long on. The last ball landed on the leg stump. Like Jadeja, Jareja did not score 39 runs from this over as he did not hit a six for a while. Chennai were bowled out for 191 for four.

Jadeja’s innings, which started with 26 runs, ended with 72 runs. Jadeja has entered the record with 36 runs from Hershel’s over. In the IPL, 36 runs from one over were seen only once before. That is the fame of Chris Gayle. Gayle scored 36 runs in one over in 2011 for the team that beat the record for bowling for the team today. The unfortunate bowler of the service was Prashant Parameshwaran, the left-arm fast bowler of Kochi Taskars.

Another, Australian all-rounder Dan Christian, is embarrassed to see Jadeja’s storm. Jadeja made a catch with zero runs in 5 balls today. But Christian dropped the catch at that time. Then Jadeja gave the book a storm. Later, Jadeja got 3 wickets with only 13 runs in 4 overs with the ball in hand. Bangalore also lost by 69 runs.