June 15, 2021


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Mostafiz’s Rajasthan is at the doorstep of IPL teams rather than foreign loans

রাজস্থান দলে মোস্তাফিজ ছাড়া খেলার মতো বিদেশি আছেন তিনজন।

Rajasthan Royals are probably the team that suffers the most in the IPL at the moment. As much as in his field performance, but also for more incidental reasons.

There were injuries in the team. Ben Stokes and Zafra Archer, two of the team’s main hopefuls, have been knocked out for the entire season. Australian fast bowler Andrew Tye and English batsman Liam Livingstone have also left the IPL on him. While the co-hosting of the IPL in India is in question, the Livingstone-Ties have been officially told that the reason for leaving the IPL is that they are mentally exhausted by the strict adherence to biological protection.

What else could the Rajasthan Royals do in such a situation? There are only four foreigners in the team now, including Bangladesh’s left-arm fast bowler Mostafizur Rahman. Mostafiz’s team has therefore written letters to other franchises in the IPL to lend some of their foreign players.


Apart from Mostafiz, Rajasthan’s injury-free, play-like foreign players are now just Jos Butler, Chris Morris and David Miller.

In the IPL, teams can play four foreigners in the XI, in which case having only four foreigners in the entire team means that the pressure on these four foreigners will increase. There is no chance to bring anyone down instead of them, the way to play them back is also closed. But 60 percent of Rajasthan’s matches are still left in the group stage of IPL! The team under Sanju Samson has played 5 out of 14 matches in the group stage.

Rajasthan needs to borrow foreign players, but according to the rules, will they be able to take it? The rules of the IPL say he has the advantage. The ‘window of borrowing’ for the IPL starts at 9 am Indian time, the day after the 20 matches of the group stage of the season. The 56th match of the season will continue till the afternoon Indian time.

This means that the window for borrowing players has been opened since 9 am on Monday, April 26. Yesterday’s match between Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad was the 20th in this year’s IPL.

Rajasthan Royals English all-rounder Ben Stokes.
Rajasthan Royals English all-rounder Ben Stokes. Photo: Twitter
The chief executives of the two IPL franchises have confirmed the request for foreign players from this side of Rajasthan to Indian cricket website CricketBuzz. “I received a request from them (Rajasthan) two days ago,” the cricketer wrote, quoting the chief executive of a “southern” franchise in an effort to keep his name secret. We have not made any decision yet. The management of the team will decide. ‘

The chief executive of another franchise was quoted as saying, “We will consider whether we can give one or two of our surplus players.”


The ‘window’ on the edge has opened, but which players can go from one edge franchise to another? According to IPL rules, anyone who has played less than two matches as a substitute until the start of the loan period (original XI or concussion — a head injury) can be sent to another franchise on loan. A player can only go on loan once in a season, the loan period has to be till the end of the season.

Zafar Archer could not play in IPL this time due to injury.
Zafar Archer could not play in IPL this time due to injury. Photo: IPL
However, a player cannot play for the borrowed team against his own main team. A franchise cannot lend more than three players in a season to any other specific franchise. It is also important to note here that a player cannot be loaned out against his will.

Apart from this, there are some more strict rules for giving and taking players on loan. However, the Cricket Board has said that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) may relax some rules as players are being dropped from the IPL for various reasons as the tournament is being held during the Corona season.