May 17, 2021


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The crisis ended in two days of seven days

It cannot be said that the fear is completely gone yet. Experience over the past few years has shown that the dilemma of when the conflict over control of South African cricket will take a turn is never completely over. However, fears that South Africa would be banned from international cricket in the last few days have been allayed.

The situation was such that the news came two days ago that if the situation did not change within seven days, the South African Cricket Regulatory Authority (Cricket South Africa — CSA) could be dissolved. South Africa’s sports minister, Nathi Emthenthewa, said directly that she was taking away CSA recognition. His announcement was likely to be published in the official gazette by next Friday. In that case, South Africa would have been banned from international cricket.

But the news of relief came in two days of seven days. The two parties, which were at loggerheads over control of the CSA, are now the two main sources of all CSA power, the members’ council and the interim board. The two sides said in a joint statement shortly before midnight local time yesterday that they had agreed on a new model for how the CSA would operate.


The two sides said in a statement that the South African companies would work out a Memorandum of Understanding (MoI) within 48 hours to comply with the law. The MoI will fix the rights, responsibilities and obligations of each party involved in the organization.

“The members’ council and the board are pleased to announce that the crisis has been averted, and a consensus has been reached on the contentious issues,” the joint statement said. The general public will be informed about the new structure of the administration after the completion of the legal process.

Earlier, in a special general meeting of the board on April 18, the conflict between the members’ council and the board became more apparent. The members’ council could not accept the proposal to form a new board of CSA by reducing the membership of the members and keeping more independent directors. Cricket website Cricinfo hints at a thorough analysis of the crisis in South African cricket, which could be the result of a conflict between the powers and financial resources of the members’ council and the board.

Until the April 18 meeting, the new proposed board structure would reduce the number of members of the Council of Representatives from six to four and increase the number of independent directors from five to six. According to Cricinfo, the members of the members’ council are not happy to see their representation on the new board declining, they want to hold on to power.

South African cricket could be destroyed after 7 days
A few days ago, the South African team played against Pakistan.
Can’t say for sure, because they didn’t explain their position. However, it is important to note here that the members of the board earn 450,000 rand (more than 26 lakh taka in Bangladeshi currency) a year just to attend the meeting, besides there are other benefits like watching the match.

In the wake of the April 18 meeting between the members’ council and the board, the country’s sports minister, Nathi Emthenthewa, said on Thursday that she would do whatever it took to cut off CSA supplies and snatch the organisation’s recognition. He also said that he would try to make his announcement in the form of an official notification as soon as possible.


In South Africa, official gazettes are usually published every Friday, followed by a week-long analysis. That is why the fear spread the day before yesterday, the announcement of the dissolution of the South African Cricket Association came next Friday!

The ICC wants to see each country’s cricket governing body as an independent body, away from government interference. The governing body of world cricket also has different rules. In that case, after the government’s influence in the CSA, the fear of being banned from international cricket in South Africa came close to becoming a reality.