May 8, 2021


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48-year-old history will scare Bar -a-Real

বার্সা-রিয়ালের শঙ্কা বাড়াবে অতীত।

Damn it! This is a two horse race! In the last decade, Atletico Madrid has fought a little bit at times, which is why it can be called a three-horse race.

It is always heard that the Spanish league is sniffing. There are always league battles between two or three teams, with the title going to Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Atletico at the end of the day. Real and Bar্সa have won more, with Atletico winning just over the last decade in the 2013–14 season. Barca has won 6 times, Real 3 times.

But looking for clues in history, maybe this time there is bad news waiting for Real and Barcelona.

This time, the title race of the Spanish league has been frozen. With five or six more matches left in the league for each team, Sevilla are also in the running, along with Real Madrid and Bar তিনa-Atletico. 3 points difference between the four teams! The Spanish league saw such a title race 47 years ago. The bad news for Real-Bara is that Atletico Madrid won the league at the end of the season.


That was in the 1972–73 season. At the end of the 33rd week of the league like this time, Seba also had four teams fighting for the title in the Spanish league. Atletico was at the top at the end of the 33rd week of the service. Atletico had 47 points at the end of 33 matches. Barcelona was at number two on the points list, with 45 points. All three were Barারa’s city rivals Espanyol (43 points). Real Madrid also had 43 points.

At the end of the season, he was applauded at Atletico’s house. Whether the lights went out or not is not known in history, but the title ceremony took place in the red-and-white part of Madrid. Barcelona was in two, Real in four. Of course, there is a big difference with the service this time. At that time there were 16 teams in the league, each team played 34 matches in the league. However, winning the title at the end of the 34th match of the top team at the end of the 33rd match is not exactly ‘breaking news’!

If you want to do that this time, of course, Atletico will have to burn a lot of wood, but also have to pray for the bad luck of the opponent! Atletico Madrid, which is at the top at the end of the 33rd week as one, is not going to say that! The 33rd match of all the teams is not over yet.

Atletico, who are top of the league yesterday, lost 2-1 to Athletic Bilbao. Earlier, Barcelona won by the same margin at Villarreal. Earlier in the day, Real Madrid drew 0-0 with Real Betis. That’s a big change in the list of points!

Atletico and Real Madrid have played 33 matches each, with Atletico at the top with 73 points and Real at 61. Sevilla has four points and 80 in 33 matches. But Barcelona has 61 points in 32 matches! Barcelona will be at the top of the league at the end of the 33rd week if they win against Granada next Thursday!

Will be able to stay until the end of the season? Not impossible, but the path in front of Bar্সa is difficult.

Atletico’s clash with Barcelona at the Camp Nou on May 8 is currently being considered as the biggest difference in the league’s path to the title. Whoever wins, is almost certain to win their league. And if Bar্সa-Atletico draw, the loss is the most Atletico, the profit in the gap will be more than Bar আবারa Real Madrid!


But just the Atletico-Barca match? Real Madrid and Sevilla will face on the same day!

However, even before and after that match, there is no shortage of big tests for the three teams. Apart from Atletico, Valencia will face Messi in the remaining five matches of the league after Granada. There are also matches against Levante, Celta Vigo and this time. In Levante, of course, there is not much to ask for from the league. Levante is right to be ‘middle class’, and if there are no big surprises, he is sure to leave the top league of Spain this time, which is at the bottom of the league’s points list.

Real also have two big tests outside of Sevilla — Bilbao and Villarreal. Apart from this, Real also has matches against Osasuna and Granada. However, in addition to this opponent of the league, Real’s big test will also take the Champions League. There, Zidane’s side will play Chelsea in the semi-finals tomorrow, next week in the second leg. Along with the league, Zidane’s team is sharing attention and strength. In the meantime, Bar বাদa and Atletico have no problem with being dropped from the Champions League.

Real Madrid drew 0-0 against Betis in the return match after recovering from Hazard’s injury.
Real Madrid drew 0-0 against Betis the day after Hazard’s injury. Photo: AFP
Apart from the match against Bar্সa, Atletico will play Elche, Real Sociedad, Osasuna and Real Valladolid. The test is not easy at all. Suarez-Simeone will be more intimidated by Barcelona’s form. Koman’s team has lost only one of the 22 matches in the league since last December!

Atletico can be relied on in the case of the league title 44 years ago! The league was frozen in service, Atletico ate latex!