July 31, 2021


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How To Start A Micro Niche Blog | Micro Niche Blog Kaise Banaye 2021

If you are also thinking of creating a multi niche blog in today’s time, then you are going to take a lot of time in earning and traffic lane from it. So if you want quick results then you should start a micro niche blog. There are many benefits of creating a Micro Niche Blog and you can start earning soon. In this post of today, I am going to give you complete step by step guide that how you can make your own successful money making micro niche blog.

Why To Start Micro Niche Blog

So first of all let me tell you why you should create a micro niche blog, what are its benefits and how you can earn money online soon. So let’s know the amazing benefits of Micro Niche blogging.

1. Low Competition

If I talk about the biggest benefit of micro niche blogging, then the competition in it is very less. In this you do not have to do a lot of Mehnat. If you do good research and find low competition keywords, then your work becomes very easy.

2. High Traffic

Competition is low in micro niche blogs and you get high quality targeted traffic. If you do affiliate marketing from micro niche blog then you can earn millions from your blog.

3. Fast Ranking

As I told earlier the competition will be less and very few people will be working on that blog, then your blog will rank very quickly in comparison to other niche blogs in Google.

4. Fast Results Ranking (In 3 to 6 Months)

People work in Micro Niche blog only because you get quick results on it. In just 3 or 4 months, traffic starts coming to your blog and earning also starts.

5. Not Much SEO Required

If you do On Page SEO well in Mico Niche blog and you publish qulaity article then you do not have to do some SEO in jyda. Because the competition is less, then you get good ranking even in less seo efforts. As you know, if the targeted traffic is more, then your sales will also be good and your earning will increase day by day.

Requirements For Micro Niche Blog

  1. Good Domain and Hosting
  2. Premium Lightweight Theme
  3. Premium Cache Plugin
  4. Keyword Research Tool

Step By Step Guide For Micro Niche Blog

  1. Your Micro Niche Topic
  2. Research Your Domain (Exact Match Domain If possible)
  3. Domain and Hosting
  4. Setup WordPress Blog
  5. Important Pages (Privacy, T&C, Disclaimer, Contact Us)
  6. Website Load Time (WP Rocket)
  7. Keyword Research (Most Most Important)

Keyword Research Guide

Use Ahref or Semrush

Keyword Difficulty Less Then 10

Search volume more than 200 Monthly

Top Ranking Websites Authority (DA PA)

Check Quora, Pinterest, YouTube Links in Top Results

Search Results less than 100

50 Blog Post Ideas