August 4, 2021


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Quader Mirza threatened to commit suicide on Facebook Live

Abdul Quader Mirza, younger brother of Awami League general secretary and bridge minister Obaidul Quader, has threatened to commit suicide. He made this threat on Facebook Live at 11 am on Tuesday. Quader Mirza spoke live for about 30 minutes.
Quader Mirza mentioned, “I have received information from reliable sources that Mr. Obaidul Quader is conspiring against me today at the persuasion of his wife to do something similar to the way Hussain Muhammad Ershad was taken from his home to CMH in the dark of the last parliamentary election.” It is very sad. I am informing the countrymen that if such an incident happens, I will commit suicide immediately. If something happens to me, I say I will commit suicide. I will not bow to any untruth. ‘

Quader Mirza asks, ‘What to do? Kill? Jail? Offended? What’s left? Two thousand shots were fired unilaterally in my municipality. Mr. Obaidul Quader, Nizam Hazari of Feni (MP Nizam Uddin Hazari), Ekram Chowdhury of Noakhali (MP Ekramul Karim Chowdhury), Badilla (former Chairman of Companiganj Upazila Parishad and Organizing Secretary of Upazila Awami League) The municipality has done it. ‘

Abdul Quader Mirza, the brother of the bridge minister, said, “All foxes have one call. Starting from Dhaka to my area. There are many conspiracies against me today. Today, no one is with me except Allah, some selfless leaders and workers of the party and common people. After my truthfulness, many have gradually moved away from me. I’m not panicking for this, I’m getting more excited. Those who are involved in armaments, those who are involved in tenders, those who have occupied the land of the poor landless, they are not with me today. ‘

Regarding the closure of BNP leader Moudud Ahmed’s rally on behalf of the Quader Mirza administration, he said, “The leader here, who worked as Bangabandhu’s counsel in the Agartala conspiracy case in 1979, was involved in drafting the constitution after the liberation war in 1971. He died.” It seems that Allah will be displeased with the characterization of political revenge after death. You know who did the work through the administration. If this culture continues in Bangladesh, then Bangabandhu gave freedom for this? My question. Has Bangabandhu brought this freedom for anti-politics, corruption, vote theft? Everyone has to talk. It has started, consciousness is being created among the youth today. ‘

“Unfortunately, no one likes me to tell the truth,” said Quader Mirza, the prominent mayor of Basurhat municipality. This is the real thing. What to do, do. Whatever you do, why are you late? My sons are being tortured at home by the police and are being prosecuted for inserting weapons. Obaidul Quader and his wife have told the administration to make arrangements so that there is not a single person around him (Quader Mirza). ‘Quader Mirza said,’ What country is this? What law? Where has the human rights organization gone? Is there no human rights organization in Bangladesh today? Where is the world human rights organization today? That’s what I want to question. ”

Abdul Quader Mirza, brother of the bridge minister, added live, ‘Alauddin was killed here (in the municipal office area). We had no weapons. I can testify to God that if I put a weapon in someone’s hand, God will kill me now. I didn’t get any shots from here. Police and they (followers of Mizanur Rahman) clashed and killed the boy. It is a CNG driver. It’s planned. ”

Quader Mirza said, “There is no one to judge today. I know everyone. Those who are the leaders of anti-politics are leading at all levels today. An honest leader, a renegade leader may be in a negligible position in the Awami League today, in most places those who are involved in anti-politics are in the lead. ‘ Two thousand bullets were aimed at me. Can’t hold me back. I will speak the truth with courage. ‘