Ali Ahmed is lying in a hospital bed wearing black glasses. The eyes are still red. Can’t see properly. Wrap the lower part from the waist to the bandage. The burn wound did not dry out. The driver of the covered van could not say how long he would have to stay in the hospital. However, he was able to return with his life, but his assistant. Shakib has been missing since the BM Depot blast.
Shakib Ali Ahmed’s brother-in-law.

Ali Ahmed himself was injured in the blast while trying to call Shakib. It is conceivable that something bad happened to Shakib because of his proximity to the blast site.

Surviving Ali Ahmed’s thoughts now focus on the future. Ali Ahmed has been undergoing treatment at the burn unit of Chittagong Medical College (CMC) Hospital since the June 4 blast at the BM container depot.

Ali Ahmed, who was lying in a hospital bed at noon on Monday, described the incident. “After the fire broke out, I took the car to a safe place,” he said. Shakib was still standing and watching the fire. Leaving the car, I was on my way to the scene to call Shakib. He was 10-15 hands in front of me. That’s when the explosion happened. ‘
Eight parts of his body were burnt in the blast. Don’t look good now. Ali Ahmed, the sole breadwinner of the family, said he had a family with a wife, two sons, a daughter and parents. How to drive in the future if the eyes are not good? Doctors say it will be fine.

His wife Sultana Razia is with him in the hospital. Besides her husband’s worries, her younger brother Shakib’s disappearance is also hurting her. “I do not know what happened to my brother,” he said. I have given samples for DNA test. ‘

Depot employee Amirul Islam (33) is in the bed next to Ali. He worked for eight years. The waist, arms and legs were burnt in the accident. Seeing the blur in the eyes.

This person from Senbagh in Noakhali is also the only earner of the family. He wants to get well soon and return to work. Amirul Islam said he has a wife and two daughters. Parents also live with. The family runs on him alone. Doubts are working in him about how much he will be able to do after recovering completely.

Depot security guard Nur Alam (48) has burnt his right leg. In addition, the eyes are still red. This person from Puichhari in Banshkhali used to live in the house given by the depot. Nur Alam’s wife Selina said they have a family with two sons and a daughter. The children are still young. I don’t know what to eat if I’m not healthy.

S Khaled, an assistant professor at the Chamek Burn Unit, said the injured were slowly recovering. Everyone will be able to return to work. However, those who are more injured, they will have problems.

Till yesterday, 56 people were being treated at different hospitals in Chittagong in connection with the fire and explosion at the depot. Of these, 44 are undergoing treatment at Chamek Hospital.

Meanwhile, Nagar Awami League general secretary AJM Nasir Uddin visited Chittagong Medical College Hospital yesterday to see the injured. At this time he inquired about the treatment of the injured. AJM Nasir lost his leg in the explosion. Md. Lost heart and hand. Hazrat Ali and Md. He said he would take charge of Maruf Hossain’s treatment.

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