June 14, 2021


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The Modi government sent a message to Mamata by arresting two ministers

After the assembly elections in West Bengal, the Central Intelligence Agency (CBI) of India declared war on the Trinamool Congress, which had just been elected for the third time. The CBI on Monday arrested Firhad Hakim and Subrata Mukherjee, key ministers in Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet.

Besides, former member of Mamata’s cabinet Madan Mitra has also been arrested. He has won the election from Kamarhati constituency as a Trinamool candidate this time. The CBI has also arrested Shovan Chatterjee, a former mayor of Kolkata Corporation and another former Trinamool minister. Shovon Chatterjee, however, switched parties and joined the BJP and later his distance with the BJP also increased. In 2016, these leaders and many other leaders and people’s representatives were seen taking money in front of the camera. Although the amount is not big, the case has been going on for six years. Firhad Hakim is the Chief Administrator of Calcutta Corporation. Trinamool Congress spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said that the aim of the BJP government at the Center was to create anarchy in the state by arresting Firhad Hakim. The question arises as to why the CBI has now decided to arrest key Trinamool Congress ministers who won more than 70 per cent of the seats in the Assembly just a couple of weeks ago.

The answer to this question is not available right now. But what is clear is that the BJP government at the Center wants to send a clear message to the West Bengal government by arresting two experienced ministers like Firhad Hakim and Subrata Mukherjee. Perhaps the message is that from now on, the central government will continue to try to embarrass the Trinamool Congress. Guessing the issue, the Trinamool Congress today termed the arrest as ‘politics of revenge’. Mamata Banerjee herself reached the CBI office and said that she too should be arrested along with her ministers. The BJP has said that the rule of law will prevail. It is undeniable that Mamata Banerjee will suffer a little in the arrest of two important ministers. The arrest of Firhad Hakim is expected to cause him more problems. Because, among the political leaders close to Mamata Banerjee, who is considered to be her closest person, is Firhad Hakim. Mamata has been close to Firhad since the birth of Trinamool. He won a by-election in South Kolkata for the first time in 2009 and became a member of the Legislative Assembly. Firhad won the next three elections. Firhad has been a member of the Trinamool Congress cabinet since 2011. He has won this time as well and has got the old ministry of urban development. Firhad became the mayor of Kolkata in 2016. Syed Mohammad Osman of the Muslim League became the last Muslim mayor of Kolkata in 1947, then Firhad in 2016. He is currently the chief administrator of the corporation due to non-election. Although many leaders in West Bengal are considered leaders of the Muslim community, Firhad Hakim is not. Firhad himself has said in the past that he does not like it. It is believed that since Firhad Hakim’s constituency in South Kolkata has people of all languages, he prefers to maintain equal distance and similar closeness with everyone. Firhad Hakim was called upon to deal with any major issue within the Trinamool Congress as he was probably the closest leader to Mamata Banerjee. He himself has often said in close quarters that he would not be unhappy if some pressure was put on him. But the pressure has not abated but Mamata Banerjee’s faith in the mayor of Kolkata has increased. There is no doubt that the arrest of a leader trusted by the Trinamool leader will make the Trinamool think.

Another important member of Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet is Subrata Mukherjee. If Firhad is ahead in physical performance, then Subrata is in experience. In 1981, Tarun Subrata won the Baliganj Assembly constituency for the first time. After winning this time, the leader in his seventies set a record of going to the assembly from Baliganj for 50 years. Starting his political career as a student leader of the Congress, Subrata was once close enough to Indira Gandhi, who was once instructed by Mamata Banerjee as a young leader of the Congress. Mamata also has occasional disagreements with Subrata Mukherjee. But despite that, Mamata has always given Subrata Mukherjee a place in his cabinet, putting him in front as an advisor. Last month, the veteran leader served as one of the key advisers to the Central Electoral Committee. After winning the election, Mamata also gave Subrata the old ministry panchayat and public health technician. The CBI also arrested this adviser today, which is also a big shock for the Trinamool leader.