July 31, 2021


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March 7 of BNP: Even though it has been in the funnel for 12 years, its tail is crooked

I thought politics has learned to turn around. The BNP is sometimes on the streets a couple of times like a whirlwind tour, but not in reality. The condition of the party became deplorable after the fire terror. An environment in which it is natural to feel like ‘there is a book in the barn’. They have always said that they are being suppressed by the administration and the use of force. The words cannot be said to be completely untrue.

But it must also be admitted that if the current trend of development in the country does not keep pace with it, people will not take politics. Now is not the time for jumping or procession meetings. All this does not work anymore. Want fair normal simple politics. We thought the BNP understood the issue. Moreover, it is not unknown to them that the party could not do anything to release Khaleda Zia. Rather, rumors are circulating in the market that he is out of the negotiations. Sometimes I get such news that Khaleda Zia does not even want to meet her leaders. Is it really unfair even if the annoyed former prime minister does it? The leaders of the party who keep the top leader in jail and spend their days in comfort, heating the seasonal field – does he need to listen to them?

The statements made by the BNP leaders about the March 7 in the media are-

The Awami League has no capital, only one capital. The speech in which the whole country had hoped for the declaration of independence did not come in Bangabandhu’s speech. History will determine the position of Bangabandhu and Ziaur Rahman.

BNP standing committee member Mirza Abbas has said that Zia cannot be made small and Bangabandhu cannot be made big in the history made by anyone. However, Mirza Abbas did not say Bangabandhu even once. He addressed the late Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. But Bangabandhu did not write it in the media.

In such a reality, the BNP’s 7th March was a matter of curiosity. Hopefully, this time they will correct their past mistakes and say new things. I don’t know what else he said, but if you listen to what Mirza Abbas said in a video that went viral on social media, everyone will understand that the BNP has not changed. Mirza Abbas is a veteran leader. The ministry, the post of mayor were all in his possession. His speech at this difficult time of the BNP is undoubtedly reprehensible. Mirza Abbas said that he was present at the public meeting on March 7. Not only that, he took people from the area to join the public meeting. According to his commentary, even though he did not get a place on the stage, he was at the beginning of the mic under the stage.

This statement proves that Mirza Abbas went to the racecourse to listen to the speech of the Father of the Nation at the call of Awami League. Also with the procession. So sir, why did you go that day? Why didn’t you go to the call of your leader Ziaur Rahman? Where was he then Mr. Mirza? So much tension for him, so much love, why didn’t you run to Chittagong? Mr. Abbas, if you have forgotten, then the political stars shining in the sky of Bengal are Noor Alam Siddiqui, ASM Abdur Rob, Shahjahan Siraj, Abdul Quddus Makhan and many others. He had leaders like Tofail Ahmed in mind. You are incongruous there. That’s just a boy. You should stay down, sir.

Mirza Abbas says more. Throughout the speech, Bangabandhu (in his language, the late Sheikh Mujibur Rahman) explained how to remain the Prime Minister in the Pakistani framework. Who will remind all these deaf people? Even when Mirza Abbas was making this distorted speech, the immortal speech of March 7 was still playing in different areas of Dhaka. I could hear the leader roaring and saying, “I don’t want a prime minister, I want the rights of the people of this country.” Deaf Mirza Abbas do not listen to it or forget even if they hear it.

Mirza Abbas says, if there is anything in this speech, there is more than that in the announcement of the then Major Ziaur Rahman on March 26! But what is that? But he could not clear it. On the contrary, he went one step further and said that if the Awami League does not accept the declaration of March 26, then they will not accept it either. Who told you to accept that? If the people of this country had faith in what you believe in and do not believe in, or if they had confidence, the cutting of blood-stained cakes would not have stopped today. Even today, if the country and the nation had agreed on the issues, politics would have been easier.

If anyone has a little sympathy for the BNP that is not in the middle of the field, it will soon disappear if they hear such words. It is now possible to understand why you have become the leader of a dreamy team. You are saying that Awami League has no capital except March 7. Listen, there is no ambition, no mountain of love about the government party now. But the truth is – what the Awami League has, you will not be able to achieve in this life or in another life. The 7th of March, the 14th of April, the Mujibnagar government, the caretaker President Syed Nazrul Islam, the Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed – all of them. Wasn’t Osmani the leader of the war? Where was the so-called proclaimer of independence on Victory Day on 16th December? In short, you are nowhere to be found throughout the whole of 1971. So this bragging, these ahajari.

Mayakanna and history did not distort you. Mirza Abbas, you have proved that some tails are not straight even if they are kept in a funnel for twelve years. After twelve years in exile, he proved it – the party’s March 7 program. Alas politics.