August 6, 2021


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BRTC bus stopped due to non-payment of bribe.

It has been alleged that the BRTC bus service from Gauchia-Dhaka Kuril Biswaroad in Rupganj of Narayanganj has been stopped due to non-payment of bribe of Tk 10,000 daily. The accused is Gazipur BRTC Bus Depot Manager (Operations) Ziaur Rahman.

The bus service on that route was stopped on Friday (April 2) morning on the instructions of the manager. The passengers suffered. In this situation, the passengers have organized a human chain demanding the introduction of BRTC bus service in Rupganj under the slogan ‘Protect Kuril Bishwaroad and Gauchia Road from corrupt people, alleviate the suffering of the people’.

BRTC is providing 80 buses to solve the public transport crisis

Passengers on this route complain that they use the Gauchia-Kuril Biswaroad road as an easy way to enter the capital Dhaka. With BRTC bus service on, passengers can easily reach their destinations. They are not able to reach their destination on time as BRTC bus service is closed.

In this regard, Harun Mia, the lessee of the BRTC bus service running up to Gauchia-Kuril Biswaroad, said, “I have been operating the BRTC bus service running up to Gauchia-Kuril Bishwaroad for about two years.”

He said that a few days ago, Gazipur BRTC bus depot manager Ziaur Rahman had been demanding a bribe of Tk 10,000 daily. Under pressure, I gave him five thousand rupees daily. The bus service was closed from Friday morning as they did not agree to pay a bribe of Tk 10,000.

Heroin worth Tk 90 lakh in an onion truck, Asked about the bribe claim, Gazipur BRTC Bus Depot Manager (Operations) Ziaur Rahman said the bribe claim was completely false and baseless. However, bus service will be resumed.

Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) is unloading 60 buses in Dhaka to alleviate the acute public transport crisis. The buses of the company given for different universities are being taken down for normal passenger movement on the road.

Next Sunday, 70 double decker buses will run on different routes in the city. Basically, the routes that have more passengers will be given more importance. Basically now various institutions including universities are closed. As a result, BRTC buses are also lying idle at the depot. These buses will be dropped off in the city as extra.

DSCC’s operation to close shops by 8 pm

The government has issued 18-point directives to prevent the second wave of corona and infection. All public transport including buses have been asked to pick up passengers leaving half the seats vacant. The rent has increased by 60 percent. At the same time, as 50 percent attendance in the office is not effective, the office passengers are suffering in the streets. Ordinary people have also been forced to block roads. In the last three days, Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) has decided to launch 70 double-decker buses to alleviate the acute crisis of public transport in Dhaka.

Passengers protest by blocking roads in bus crisis

BRTC Chairman (Additional Secretary) said. Tajul Islam said, “We will bring 80 double decker buses to the capital from Sunday to reduce the suffering of the passengers.” BRTC has already launched 35 double decker buses on the roads of Dhaka. In all, 60 buses are being arranged.

He said, “I believe that if 70 double deckers are brought to full phase, the passenger transport crisis will be reduced a lot.”