April 17, 2021


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TV Rhineland Quality Certified Realm C21 is now in Bangladesh

Realm recently launched their new C-Series C21. The first smartphone in the Realm C21C series to achieve the TUV Rhineland is recognized for its high reliability.

Whatever is in the smartphone
TUV Rhineland is the first Realmy C series smartphone to receive quality certification.

Young Bangladeshi users are getting the opportunity to use a smartphone whose safety and quality dependence has been approved by the world-renowned company TUV Rhineland. Realmy C21 is the first smartphone in the Realmy C series to receive such a testimonial. Realmy is working closely with TUV Rhineland to take the quality control of their smartphones to the next level.

After eight months of research and testing, TUV Rhineland and Realmy have jointly developed the TUV Rhineland smartphone high reliability testimonials, which will serve as the top industry standard in the world. The TUV Rhineland smartphone has to go through 23 major tests such as drop and tear, extreme temperature, extreme humidity, voltage fluctuations and material reliability in the process of obtaining high reliability testimonials. These tests are based on the initial 3 year life cycle of the smartphone. All the tests in Realm C21 have passed very well.

Realm C21 for young users with high tolerance and resistance
Realm is determined to bring the best products to market for their young fans. That’s why during the development of the C21, Realm has strongly tested the functionality of this smartphone, taking into account product experience surveys and fan feedback in environmental settings. For example, to test for drop tolerance, the device has been repeatedly dropped at a height of 1.6 m from different surfaces. Experience has been gained using it in adverse temperatures in an outdoor environment to ensure that the Realm C21 will be equally capable during travel. Realm strictly adhered to the principles and standards when designing the C21.


High power mega battery
For the pleasure of using a non-stop smartphone, the Realm C21 has a huge 5,000 mAh battery and is capable of reverse charging. If Super Saving Mode is turned on, the phone can standby for up to 48 days. Realmy C21 with special OTG reverse charge is a battery life saver.

Super clear picture in AI triple camera setup
Realm C21 has been upgraded to a triple camera. The large aperture of f / 2.2 with 13 megapixels will help to take clear, bright pictures even in low light. B&W and retro lenses will make the image more artistic. This lens will help to take black and white pictures with two high exposures.

For selfie lovers, the C21 has a 5 megapixel selfie camera, which makes it easy to take crystal clear selfies. The AI ​​beautification function and portrait mode of this camera will make the camera experience of the user more enjoyable.

The design of the C21 is inspired by the daily life of the younger generation
The design of Realm C21 has been made keeping in mind the daily life of the young generation. The C21’s Android 10-based Realm UI is designed with four things in mind: colors, icons, wallpapers and animation. Inspired by Time Hour Glass, this design is fashionable and functional and will complement the trendy lifestyle of the younger generation.

In addition, the Realm C21 has a MediaTek Helio G35 processor, which allows the phone to perform very fast. It also has all the features like instant fingerprint sensor, reverse charging, super power saving mode and 6.5 inch mini drop fullscreen display that sets the Realmy C211 apart from other phones on the market.

The 4 + 64GB variant is available in Realmy C21 Cross Black and Cross Blue for just Rs 11,990. Besides, its 3 + 32 GB variant will be available across the country very soon. Click here to visit the nearest Realmy Brandshop to buy.