May 9, 2021


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No fly zone in Myanmar. Prohibition announced. The UN ambassador called for the seizure of the bank account

Al-Jazeera, April 10 (IANS) Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations Kaiwa Moe Tun has called for a no-fly zone, international sanctions, arms embargo and the seizure of all bank accounts of members of the military junta and their families.

He made the call in the context of the continuing death toll in the country.

Online reports say many deaths have been reported in Myanmar. The UN Security Council met last Friday. There, the United States and European countries demanded action against Myanmar. On the other hand, the Southeast Asian Summit is trying to resolve the Myanmar crisis. But Myanmar’s military junta still speaks its own language. A UN special envoy is not allowing entry into his country.

On February 1, Aung San Suu Kyi was ousted by the military junta in a bloodless coup in Myanmar. But Kaiwa Moe Tun, Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations, refused to side with the military junta. He told the Security Council that despite hundreds of deaths in Myanmar, including children, there was a lack of adequate and strong action against the military junta.

He added that the Security Council should take immediate and concerted action. Through virtual he joined the Security Council Council. “I firmly believe that the UN Security Council cannot allow this atrocity to continue in Myanmar,” he said. He also called for an international arms embargo on Myanmar. He also called for a halt to all foreign direct investment in Myanmar until democratic government is restored.

He made the call after reports of more horrific repression in the country surfaced. The military junta has killed at least 60 civilians in Myanmar on Friday night and Saturday morning. In this situation, China and Russia will oppose any international sanctions imposed on Myanmar as a punitive measure. The two countries have expressed concern over Myanmar’s stability.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said Myanmar’s military junta should understand the value of these heinous acts.

Myanmar people flee to India to save lives: Myanmar citizens flee the country to escape the ongoing violence after the military coup. Many people living along the border are seeking refuge in India. People are crossing the border in garbage trucks, canals and ditches. The British media reported this.

Many people are fleeing the country to India as protests and widespread violence spread across Myanmar. Makhai is one of them. He was able to enter India in a third attempt. He crossed the border through the jungle in a garbage truck. He had been detained twice by the Indian border guards, but this time the Myanmar national did not face any obstacles.

Earlier this month, 42-year-old Makhai fled to India with his sister and daughter from the border district of Tamu. They crossed the border and entered the Indian state of Manipur. Makhai thinks this was the only way to save lives. He said army members were breaking down doors, raping women and killing civilians.

Two more women left the country in the same way. They told the BBC they thought they could return home if the situation improved. Their husbands and other men in the family are still in Myanmar.

“Men can fight against the junta government if necessary,” said Winnie. But if the army leaves the house suddenly, it will be difficult for the girls to save their lives. ‘As a result, this resident of Tamu district also fled to India with his daughter.

For many years, there have been movement facilities for citizens of both countries on the India-Myanmar border. People from one country can travel up to 18 km in another country and stay for a maximum of 14 days.

However, due to the increase in coronavirus infection, this facility was closed in March last year. People in both countries were hopeful that the border would reopen this year. However, the military coup in Myanmar has made it uncertain whether the border will be reopened. But the people of Myanmar are crossing the border illegally to save lives from violence.

Myanmar’s junta government is not paying much attention to border security to quell anti-junta protests across the country. Huge numbers of troops have been sent to various cities. On the other hand, India has not deployed too many troops on its border. Due to which the people of Myanmar are able to flee the country.