May 19, 2021


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What the family said about Khaleda Zia’s Corona report


BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has contracted coronavirus, according to the health department. On Sunday, the ICDDRB reported that his Covid test result was positive. When this news spread, anxiety spread among the BNP leaders and workers. Discussions started in the political arena.

However, neither the BNP nor Khaleda Zia’s family has yet commented on her corona being positive. The media wing of the BNP chairperson declined to comment on the matter. They claim they still know nothing about it.

A member of Khaleda Zia’s family directly claimed that the information that the BNP leader’s corona was positive was wrong. Samples of his corona were not tested.

Younger brother Shamim Iskander and sister Selima Rahman keep in touch with Khaleda Zia, who lives in Firoza, Gulshan.

Khaleda Zia’s brother Shamim Iskander told the media, “No comment.” And Khaleda Zia’s younger sister Selima Rahman said, “I haven’t been there for several days. The body is not good. I can’t say anything about that. ‘

Vice Chairman AZM Zahid Hossain and Khaleda Zia’s nephew and personal physician Mamun regularly took care of Khaleda Zia’s treatment. In this regard, Dr. Mamun told Jugantar that the information that Khaleda Zia’s corona report is ‘positive’ is baseless and false.

“His corona was not tested,” he said. That report has gone viral, it is fake. That’s not right. ”
Citing Khaleda Zia’s personal doctor Mamun, BNP chairperson’s press wing member Shairul Kabir Khan told Jugantar that this was a regular health check-up for the chairperson. Samples were not taken for corona testing.

Khaleda Zia’s doctor said. Zahid is also not affected.

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir told the media, “I have seen Khaleda Zia’s corona positive report through social media.” I am personally trying to contact the Gulshan office. So far I’m not sure.

However, a copy of Khaleda Zia’s corona test report has gone viral through social media. When it scans the QR code, it goes to the website of the Department of Health where the test results are known. This copy can be seen there.

Former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, 65, has been convicted in two corruption cases. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus infection in the country, the government granted him temporary release on March 25 last year on condition of “humanitarian consideration”.

Since then, he has been receiving treatment under the supervision of a private doctor from his rented house in Gulshan. Contact with him from outside is also limited.

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